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  1. oifvet

    Bump Cap

    I've banged my head against things a few times and always learned from it. My dad always said, "If you hit someone in the head, they always get smarter. You either knocked something in, or knocked something out. Either way, they're better off." That said, I ordered a few baseball-cap style bump...
  2. oifvet

    M35A2C master cylinder failure?

    I believe the master cylinder on my 1989 M35A2C failed. Whatever happened, happened at the end of a test drive following fluid changes and spin-on conversions. It was one of the classic :deadhorse: stories associated with brakes going out and the potential for disaster only a breath away...
  3. oifvet

    Rear Differential Problem?

    After draining the rear differeintial, I noticed a few pieces of metal about the size of wooden match sticks in the drain pan. I poured about a cup of gasoline through to rinse the differential and then fished a magnet on a gooseneck handle inside the housing. I felt a large object that was...
  4. oifvet

    National Museum of the U.S.A.F.

    Click on top left of map for full picture. Click on MAP to pick new viewing area. Don't miss going to full screen, it is well worth the effort.Be very careful where you go as you may get lost in one of the galleries and have to go back to the main map. This might be one of the most advanced...
  5. oifvet

    Choose your words carefully!

    I often instructed (I never use the word "taught" because "to teach" requires one "to learn", and that did not always happen...), drivers to use appropriate verbiage when working around military vehicles. When acting as a ground-guide or assisting someone working on a large, heavy, dangerous...
  6. oifvet

    M-923 A1 "Big Foot"

    I bought this kit and the paint accessories at a BX in Balad, Iraq in 2004. It made it home, but never was opened. I'd love to see it finished, but I have neither the time, nor the skills.
  7. oifvet

    M35A3 lots in Sparta, WI (11-01-11)

    There are a number of M35A3s coming up for bid beginning November 01, 2011. GL provided no information, only "Towed onto lot." "Operating condition unknown." (So very helpful for the sellers fee that they charge). Is anyone planning to preview these trucks, or is someone available to do so...
  8. oifvet

    Army CB by Cobra

    I saw this and thought it was pretty cool: Cobra Electronics 29 LTD Army It might go over well in some of our vehicles and keep us in touch! (Hey, at least it'll match the color!)
  9. oifvet

    Soft-tops in a catalog (odd)!

    I receive a catalog in the mail called "Sportsman's Guide." Their website is" Anyway, one of their catalog "themes" is military surplus Head Quarters. Hence, their "HQ" mailing. As I'm browsing though it, on page 26, Item number LX8M-147130 is "New U.S. Army 2 1/2 Ton...
  10. oifvet

    Need some (Tank) track

    I'm in the market for about 20' of track. Two 10' sections would be nice. They made great speed bumps in Iraq, and I want to do the same in my driveway. There was a butt-load on G-L a while back, but I don't need seven rail-cars full. Just a section or two. Has anyone seen any out there...
  11. oifvet

    Willys CJ3B, "military?"

    I know of a 1953 Willys CJ3B with around 9k miles, in a garage since 1973. It has NDCC tires and was purchased from the State of Ohio Dept of Agriculture in 1973. There are a number of things about it that appear "military," but I thought the CJ3B was a civilian jeep. Anyway, it is for sale...
  12. oifvet

    MV Dataplates

    I'm in need of a new set of dataplates for my M105A2 cargo trailer. I contacted Rod Shaver of I was told by the lady that he is out of plates for the M105 and will NOT be ordering any more. In fact, he is only selling the stock that he has for ALL of his...
  13. oifvet

    M105 side-board hardware

    I need to replace a board on my 105. (I've chosen cedar, by-the-way. If I went with treated pine, those sideboards are going to be heavier than I need I'll experiment with this cedar for now. I know a lot of guys like oak, but Lowes had some nice, straight cedar 1"x4"s). Anyway, I'm...
  14. oifvet

    XM818 in Amish Country

    On our wedding anniversaries, my wife and I always return to the Amish Country in north-central Ohio where we were married. She likes the bed & breakfasts, and the shops. I like the drive, the deals and the quality workmanship. Today, while driving just about a mile or two south of...
  15. oifvet

    Dauphin Island PD

    Not my deuce. Just posting some pics of a deuce that belonged to the Dauphin (no, not "Dolphin") Island Police Department in Alabama. The island was wrecked from HURRICANE Katrina.
  16. oifvet

    Military "Cattle-Cars"

    I posted this thread under "trailers' since it seemed the most appropriate. (Way) back when I was in the Marine Corps, (1981-1985), I remember riding in the glorious, "cattle-car." Seems like they were mainly at Parris Island, S.C., (boot camp), but maybe elsewhere. Are there any pics or...
  17. oifvet

    M105 tailgate, "legs?"

    I'm trying to identify the, "stilt-looking" items on the M105 trailer in this pic. It was taken by another SS member at Findlay,OH. Are these available as a trailer accessory, or are they something that someone created? They look handy. Thanks in advance.
  18. oifvet

    G-L on-line help

    I had some questions about my EUCs for two M109 trailers I won at WPAFB. I needed to know several things, even though I'm not completely new to the process. I tried the on-line chat at the G-L site. "Meredith" was the Customer Service Representative. We worked on a couple of matters and...
  19. oifvet

    (Back to!) converting to a tractor!

    (The title of this thread was: "Changing a cargo truck to a tractor." I want(ed) to make this happen, but I'll need to turn to Steel Soldiers to make it happen. Let's say I build the tractor variant. I will be romoving the bed, including complete troop seats and NOS bow set. I also have four...
  20. oifvet

    Idaho to Ohio

    Yo! Heidi-ho, Joe! A lot of "Hi's" and "Os" there! I'm curious how hard it would be to get a deuce w/o a transmission from Idaho to Ohio, and if it would be worth it. Big $$? (Yes, I'm sober. I don't drink anything but water, diet, and coffee. Just studying something right now). Need to...
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