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  1. brianrbull

    MBUs and JP8

    I am a Deployed Contractor in Afghanistan. The cooks use JP8 daily in the MBUs . burns clean and hot
  2. brianrbull

    LMTV registration in California. BUYERS BEWARE

    Hmmm Fallout from all the people finding loopholes to title their Humvees? And yet another reason to flee the sinking ship that California has become....
  3. brianrbull

    Worth the upgrade to MEP 003a from 002a?

    The MEP003a is Twice the Generator of the MEP002a in every way... uses a gallon an hour vs 1/2 Gallon an hour.
  4. brianrbull

    My item is in a secret location! NOT HAPPY

    I am confused.... There are "Additonal" undisclosed fees for item pick up? Sounds like a scam to me...
  5. brianrbull

    M813 repower

    I have been thinking of this myself to Repower my M816... would the 8.3L Bolt up to the 5 speed?
  6. brianrbull

    Where do u get the Blue Radiator Hoses?

    That Silicone hose is spendy... but holds up oh so well...
  7. brianrbull

    M103 Trailer/S250G With MEP002ask Behind a M1031 Contact Truck

    I have considered the M101, my fear is that it wont be strong enough to haul the S250/G and the MEP003a . I know the M103 is a much heavier trailer, 1600+ with the bed removed. I have ordered a stet of M1061 rims that will cut the weight some, and I will be changing out the M103 landing "Wheel"...
  8. brianrbull

    M103 Trailer/S250G With MEP002ask Behind a M1031 Contact Truck

    I am starting this Thread to Document my Build from start to finish... Phase 1 Planning and Discussion: My intent is to build an Expedition Camper. I am planning on using the frame and axle from a M105a2 Trailer, an S250G Shelter, and a MEP-002ask . I will be adding an onboard fuel tank of...
  9. brianrbull

    break in

    Been Down this road... a couple times... I invested in a couple DVR systems.. 2x16 ch... and a 24 channel.... (I have a large compound ) Caught the Turds in the act packing a tire iron and a 12 Gauge Shot Gun...Luckily no one was home. The Visitors will be well taken care of as guest of the...
  10. brianrbull


    You will be seeing a lot more of these on both of our Favorite Auction Sites... The Military is replacing the MTQ line of gens with the AMMPS Line.... it is the 3rd generation of military generators... supposedly more reliable, better fuel economy.... blah blah.... I like the MTQ's and will be...
  11. brianrbull


    The MEP-806b is the 60kw 50/60hz variant of the MTQ line of Generators... Good units, Solid Built and dependable. I have 8+ years working on/With them... The things I would look for when buying one is closely examine the photos to make sure there are no missing components... Single phase is not...
  12. brianrbull

    Looking for info on Walter Kidde E32R2 flame thrower compressor

    Google Flamethrower Expert.... He is the GURU when it comes to all things Flamethrower.... if anyone can help he can...
  13. brianrbull

    Single phase and three phase out of a mep006a

    MEP-006a is a 60kw 225 amps per leg (x3)... so yes a wee bit more than 50
  14. brianrbull

    Single phase and three phase out of a mep006a

    if they are single phase 110 and you run one on each leg to balance the load I dont see why it would not work... what you want to avoid is a load imbalance , Grounding to your truck would not work unless you grounded the truck to earth... and yep the 006 is a beast, Loud and Proud. I love mine...
  15. brianrbull

    Detroit 6v91 smoking

    Turbocharged? If so check that the turbo is not stuck, found that on my Stewart and Stevenson Seismic Vibrators with the 6v
  16. brianrbull

    MEP-816B 60KW problem

    I spent several years working on the 806b (60hz) , I too am curious what your gonna do with 200+ amps per leg of 400hz.
  17. brianrbull

    TOWING A M720 mobilizer is it me or ?

    I pull my SPAM around on a M720 regularly. With a shelter pulls smooth at speed(45-55), empty they can sway like a tree in a wind storm.
  18. brianrbull

    Fairbanks morse magneto

    I bought 2 centrifugal pumps with a one Cylinder Wisconsin engine . I cannot get spark out of either unit. Have checked ohms on both coils have similar resistance values. Points look good ect... Does anyone have experience working with these units?
  19. brianrbull

    M1009 Printed Circuit Board

    I installed a dash cluster with gauges... Some simple swapping of wires and a sending unit....
  20. brianrbull

    Oil Pressure Gauge

    On my 1031 I took the dash cluster from 84 k20 had Oil, Volts, & Temp gauge. some minor rewiring, and moving the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Lights to where the low coolant, and fasten seatbelt lights would normaly be..... Easy upgrade....
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