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  1. rtk

    AcuTemp Refrigerator

    I picked up the same unit !!! yes it is heavy !!!!!
  2. rtk

    M35 Variations Rarity

    In another life we had a DOD contact person and I believe I ran it through him for the info . That was a long time ago !!! :unsure:
  3. rtk

    M35 Variations Rarity

    The way I understand it all the A3's were converted from A2's Mine was a 71 A2 rebuilt about the end of the line . This was supposed to be a cost saving for the DOD !!!! LOL
  4. rtk

    Blue Ridge Parkway Tour

    What a great trip and pics !!!!! (y) :tank:
  5. rtk

    M35 Variations Rarity

    I like the pipeline versions . When they are done up with all the bits and pieces and gin poles they are IMO a nice ride . Very rare at this point .
  6. rtk

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    Yup , a good time at the pumps !!!! this fuel issue affects EVERYTHING in the supply chain !!!! stay safe , be well Bon k
  7. rtk

    Diesel Prices.....WTF ????

    Yup , for sure !!!!
  8. rtk

    Best CUCV replacement dash pad

    They can custom match your color
  9. rtk

    Best CUCV replacement dash pad has a good match and will custom mix it for your color. Their color code is SEM 4725 Dark Bronze . They have everything you need .
  10. rtk

    M35A3 Rim Restoration and Tire Swap Project (Picture-Heavy)

    Yup , same deal, all seals replaced , whole nine yards , but only one tire this time .
  11. rtk

    M35A3 Rim Restoration and Tire Swap Project (Picture-Heavy)

    Nature of the beast with a A3 !!!!!
  12. rtk

    Advice before buying

    If you find something this way and need a place to store it until you can arrange pickup , I have the room
  13. rtk

    Advice before buying

    Riderdan , M37 and the MB/GPW are good MV's to take on as a project . Parts repop and NOS are available . There is a ton of info on line about them . The M37 was my first MV . What Ken said , try to find a MV with a decent body or tub that is my advise also. As far as mechanicals , no...
  14. rtk

    1953 Air Force M38A1

    Your paint color is AF STRATA BLUE . If you do a search you will find a 38A1 in the correct paint . I think done up they look great , just different look than OD .My m37 was ex AF and at one time was Strata Blue . good luck on the restoration and keep us posted
  15. rtk

    Newbie here looking at a 1970 M35A2 have some questions

    Yup a good group to join , don't forget the MVPA convention this year in June ln South Bend and the Findley Ohio show , both good shows and if your parts vendor is their , they will bring your parts and save you the shipping .
  16. rtk

    Newbie here looking at a 1970 M35A2 have some questions

    Yup, sounds good , go through the whole brake system , check and repack the wheel bearings and seals and with a good LOF and fluid changes in the trans and pumpkins , this way when it is up and running you are good to go . PMCS !!!! LOL ,
  17. rtk

    Newbie here looking at a 1970 M35A2 have some questions

    You can use kits if the corrasion is not too bad in the wheel cylinders , if you do have to replace the wheel cylinders try to stay away from the china built repops . Same with the master cylinder and brake booster . What DOT brake fluid do you plan to use ?? You are off to a good start , good...
  18. rtk

    A legacy M37 recovered

    Great write up Ken , I can only add this , take your time , gather your parts and make a plan and enjoy the rebuild . It will be worth it in the end . (y):tank:
  19. rtk

    Want to buy M37 metal top

    YUP . that's the one , get one of their catalogs
  20. rtk

    Want to buy M37 metal top

    I picked up the metal seat tracks and seat backs from Midwest Military , I also think Vintage has re pops also , you may also find some of the parts on Fleabay , wood is 3/4 red oak that I planed and edged and oiled . They should be painted , but I like the natural look of the oak ,
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