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  1. aghumvee

    MO HMMWV M1123 M1097a2 M1165 M1152 4L80E Shifter Indicators

    NOS Overdrive humvee shift indicator for the overdrive w/park humvees. See pictures. Comes with 2 nuts and clip $150 ea shipped Sold as is, no warranty. Thanks Andrew
  2. aghumvee

    Radio tray source

    I will see what I have left and let you know. Thanks Andrew
  3. aghumvee

    Help picking up an LMTV in Abilene, KS

    Any luck on getting it running?
  4. aghumvee

    2 Man Soft Top Kits

    Pm sent
  5. aghumvee

    2 Man Soft Top Kits

    I have some tan 2 man kits in Missouri and can ship. They are NOS and made by GMA Thanks, Andrew
  6. aghumvee

    My Military Vehicle "Fleet"

    If the weight is less than 6-8’ tall it should be ok for 65 mph or less. If you carry something tall and the weight is above center the trailer will sway and become unstable.
  7. aghumvee

    M1082 Trailer

    I have a nice camo M1082 in Missouri if you cant find anything closer. Missouri Title. Thanks Andrew This is the only picture I have of it right now.
  8. aghumvee

    Source for camo soft doors

    I only have fronts right now. The rears are harder to come by/find
  9. aghumvee

    Source for camo soft doors

    I have many NOS tan front doors. They are new but dusty and windows have some brown spots from age?
  10. aghumvee

    M1123 Radio mounting rack

    Looks Good!! Thanks again, Andrew
  11. aghumvee

    M1123 Radio mounting rack

    I have the brackets you need for the dash to mount the radio table. $15 for the pair shipped. They are new
  12. aghumvee

    It's a Stewart & Stevenson So It Counts

    They are nice trucks but require a lot of work from sitting majority of its life. I attached picture of ours. Red at the bottom will be changed to a different color. Forgot to mention we put new 11r22.5s continentals from GP that are for M915s and trailers. So its has a little bit of military...
  13. aghumvee

    Radio tray source

    I have several. Pm sent.
  14. aghumvee

    Radio tray source

    I have the radio tables with the lower tray. I'm south of Kansas City, MO or I can ship. I also have the 2 angle pieces for the dash of a m1123 that radio table mounts to.
  15. aghumvee

    FLU419 SEE HMMH HME Owners group

    I have a military rebuilt trans. PM sent
  16. aghumvee

    MV of the Month January 2022

    I will nominate my M998! (Picture taken at Rocky Mountain National Park)
  17. aghumvee

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2021 - November VOTE HERE!

    My M923a2 is a 2012 KS RSMS (Kansas Readiness Sustainment Maintenance Site) Rebuild Truck. I have always wanted a 5 ton when they first started selling on GL. I was in high school when they were selling the majority of them. I graduated in 2013 and this 5 ton showed up at auction in May or June...
  18. aghumvee

    MV of the Month November 2021

    I’ll nominate my M923a2. (2012 KS RSMS Rebuild truck)
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