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  1. Kohburn

    Mod of the day - electric wipers

    I'll add some more detailed photos tomorrow, but for now here is an overall shot. I scavenged the wiper shaft from two bad air motors, combined it with a single 24v wiper motor with auto-stop. after testing the connections in the wiper motor i was able to run external wires rather than the...
  2. Kohburn

    6 bolt to 10 Bolt wheel adapters

    per the discussion started here I would like the ability to swap between 6 bolt stock wheels, 10 bolt wheels from the 5 ton and 10 bolt 22.5" wheels for modern retreads. Cost is of course a concern considering how large these wheel...
  3. Kohburn

    Mod of the day - bed crane

    I've had one of these pickup truck cranes sitting around from an old truck I had but without a base for a few years now. 1/2 Ton Capacity Pickup Truck Crane decided I wanted to make use of it with some new metal for the base and combine it with a powered cable courtesy of Camouflage 12 Volt...
  4. Kohburn

    alternator for an international

    anyone ever used one of these alternators? Wondering how it is wired. the price is right for a 24v 150amp alternator (equivalent output of a 12v 300amp alternator) DIXIE 24V/150AMP ALTERNATOR PT # 109-18207: eBay Motors (item 290331146760 end time Nov-05-10 08:49:38 PDT) edit to add some...
  5. Kohburn

    how to arrange freight ship from columbus oh

    how does one go about arranging a pickup and freight shipment from another state? I'm thinking of bidding on a item in ohio and would need it shipped to maryland anybody able to help me out here?
  6. Kohburn

    Maryland: Fort Meade to Lusby - deuce

    need to get my first deuce home roughly 70 miles I have a few backup options - was hoping maybe someone with the proper equipment or a towbar might be able to help me out a little cheaper. Just got my paid in full invoice so I've got 10 days. Anybody up for it or can recommend someone in...
  7. Kohburn

    would you drive on this?

    I don't have much experience with tube type tires, won these on ebay for the cost of shipping but didn't expect to see so much dry rotting on the sidewalls. I put a gauge on them and they are all aired up to ~45psi. I only removed the valve core from one to attempt a tire dismount. 8 goodyear...
  8. Kohburn

    Where to get replacement tailgate?

    Thinking of picking up a deuce that is missing a tailgate, looked around but haven't seen any for sale. Anybody know where I would be able to get one and how much $ it might be?
  9. Kohburn

    New from southern MD

    got steered this way from some people on another forum. After running across photos of the unicat RV's I've had this never ending drive to want to build one for much less. The unicats cost something int he 600,000 range and then I saw a guy driving his personal deuce off base one day and it...
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