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  1. US6x4

    M813 on obstacle course

    looks like the same truck is at it again but without a happy ending...
  2. US6x4

    My M813 gets a turbo!

    -An update on the suppressor paint that I used on the hot parts: When I got the truck out of outdoor winter hibernation I noticed some surface rust on the turbo compressor scroll and on the exhaust port flanges. Most of the rust on the turbo was due to the coolant filter dripping some rusty...
  3. US6x4

    Where are the "breather holes" that need to be blocked when you turbo a 250?

    In the head it's here: In the rocker box it's here: Mine were already plugged from the factory, I believe (April 1981 engine). I guess if you insert a piece of wire into the rocker box hole and it goes in deeper than the rocker box height than yours are not plugged and the wire would keep...
  4. US6x4

    M818 Transmission breather leaking air

    my m813 still has a similar issue but maybe on the opposite side of the poppet valve. After reversing into my parking spot the T-case is usually venting air out of its breather cap when I shift from reverse to neutral to park. I have to cycle the shifter to reverse and back to neutral again...
  5. US6x4

    Water temp gauge erratic when running, steady with engine off

    OK, so I think I found the source of the problem. I wiggled and twisted and made sure the wire connector that plugs into the water manifold sending unit was fully seated and I gave had no more gauge issues. The connector felt fully seated but something in that connection needed some attention.
  6. US6x4

    M925 with all accessories

    Nice - looks like a several hundred dollar bonus!
  7. US6x4

    M246 in the busted hydraulic hose club

    The dash number is how many sixteenths of an inch the size is. Like a -6 is 6/16ths or 3/8. A -10 is 10/16 or 5/8 and so on...
  8. US6x4

    Road trip Spokane to Salt Lake City Utah

    Aerial view. I might get to stop in there next month on a business trip.
  9. US6x4

    Road trip Spokane to Salt Lake City Utah

    Not sure on the route, but Armysurplus Warehouse is in Idaho Falls about an hour north of Salt Lake City and could be a fun stop.
  10. US6x4

    M818 gets a 7(6+1)-Speed

    Great project and thanks for documenting it all. It would be cool to see a POV video of you driving it around and rowing through the gears!
  11. US6x4

    MK37 7 ton

    Feltz tire? They often have more than what's listed on their website.
  12. US6x4

    Adding a K31 turbo to my 250.

    @bobbed_deuces_wild on the gram has an M813A1 that looks like what you're describing with exposed turbo piping. Looks pretty intimidating...
  13. US6x4

    New Member

    I like the look of that truck also, but looking closer, it either has some photoshop action done to it or its front tie rod is waaaay out of adjustment.
  14. US6x4

    NHC 250 exhaust flange dimensions

    You're welcome! Lucky timing- it's not everyday I have an extra manifold sitting in the lawn mower shed...
  15. US6x4

    M920 on 1600 20s GoodYear with HEMTT rims

    Here is that pressure chart for the AT3As
  16. US6x4

    NHC 250 exhaust flange dimensions

    I measure 4 1/8" square
  17. US6x4

    Post up those Point of View hood shots!

    It would be fun to have a towed howitzer to pull around. How does one get one of those? Ukrainian garage sale?
  18. US6x4

    Post up those Point of View hood shots!

    I was once again requested to display my truck at the Cashmere, WA Memorial Day ceremony and it was my privilege to participate in it. The entrance was quite the experience as the truck idled through in 1st gear while the breeze drifted the wall of flags over my truck...what a feeling
  19. US6x4

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    This type of event is a lot of fun and I wish they had them when I was a kid. We had 3 helicopters buzz in and land within 20 minutes of each other. When the huey was on its final approach I had to check on the Vietnam vets to make sure they weren't hiding in the bushes...they have such a...
  20. US6x4

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    I took my truck to the local Touch-a-Truck event to let kids check it out, climb up in it, and flip switches and stuff. It was so busy that I was only able to snap some photos before and after the main event.
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