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  1. 5tonman1971

    The scare is over?

    I heard the scare is over and we can start buying 5 tons and what not again? Is this true?
  2. 5tonman1971

    What happened?

    I get another flare up for a month in the hospital and come back and my life is over?!?!? Where are all my trucks?!?!?
  3. 5tonman1971

    Fuel pick up tube

    No insight?
  4. 5tonman1971

    Fuel pick up tube

    Ok so I had my primary fuel filters go under a vacuum again so this time I tried pulling my pickup tube uot to see if it was clogged and of coarse it wasent so now I'm very confused but this is not my problem while I was taking out the pick up tube my buddy slipped the wrench on the 90 degree...
  5. 5tonman1971

    939a2 fuel primer cover

    You could probably get them from a cummins approved truck shop
  6. 5tonman1971

    Sellers blues :(

    So today I sold my m813a1 the truck that started it all :( old oscar did atleast go out with a bang at 12,500$ but he was my first green child, I just stood there as the new owner pulled outta the yard heading easy to PA. Then later in the day I sold my m923a2 not so attached to this one and...
  7. 5tonman1971

    925a2 not shifting past 3rd

    Here's a few pictures
  8. 5tonman1971

    925a2 not shifting past 3rd

    Yes that's what I did to mine and I got my rpms up to 2300 but I still have to lift to shift past 3rd I'm thinking I just need to change the internal filter as I've already changed the external one. I'm considering taking it to and Allison approved truck shop to have the fluid changed over to dexIII
  9. 5tonman1971

    925a2 not shifting past 3rd

    How did you adjust the shift modulator?
  10. 5tonman1971

    Took delivery of my M923A2!

    Welcome to the club you will love it!
  11. 5tonman1971

    Darrell Braun FANSITE!! HAHAHA

    Crying shame.
  12. 5tonman1971

    Rpm adjustment?

    Ok so I did some investigating and was looking at my 923 and what I ended up doing was adjusting the linkage for the modulator cable and now I get my 2300 rpms but still have to shift using the shifter manually.
  13. 5tonman1971

    Rpm adjustment?

    Has anyone adjusted there governer and could you tell me where it is located I can't seem to find it in the TMs
  14. 5tonman1971

    new dumb question, but hopeful answers.

    You will need 18ft of cord for the sides and probably another 10-15 ft for the rest rough estimates tho but more is better then less.
  15. 5tonman1971

    925a2 not shifting past 3rd

    I have completely serviced the truck new filters all around, and in nuteral I'm still only hitting 2000 rpms so I'm sure. Need to adjust the governer.
  16. 5tonman1971

    925a2 not shifting past 3rd

    UPDATE: yes I was counting the converter lock up as a shift the only gear I have to lift for now is 3 after the converter locks up then I can use the shift lever to get in to 4th and 5th while getting to a top speed of 58 mph. I still need to tweak the shift modulator to get it to do it on its...
  17. 5tonman1971

    Rpm adjustment?

    Follow up I was not making it in to 5th gear but now I got it to go in to 5th gear but only get to 57-58 mph those 300 extra rpms real need to be there
  18. 5tonman1971

    Just won M923A2 from GL, now what?

    Just a bit of advice, buy fuel filters and replace them before you drive the truck off the lot, second buy batteries, third bring a credit card with a high limit Becuase there's a very good chance your going to wind up on the side of the road. If any of the tires have been flat be very careful...
  19. 5tonman1971

    Rpm adjustment?

    Hooefully i do not have to replace the IP, I unfortunately do not have a spare or two lol.
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