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  1. martinv

    M35A2 Cylinder Liners - Type "Y"

    I have found multiple sources for type "Z" cylinder liners, but my Continental LDT 456-1D has the "Y" stamps. Though a Z fits, I don't know if it will work as it is slightly smaller OD. Are the "Y" types extinct?
  2. martinv

    Injector tester setup, fittings and initial testing

    While working on another repair, I decided to test my injectors and discovered half of them were not performing well, yet the vehicle had been running fairly well. Started easy in warm weather, not great in cold weather. Video showing my fittings setup to work with a cheap ebay tester and...
  3. martinv

    Cylinder Liner broken pieces in oil pan

    The cylinder liner at the front of the engine broke up and also took out the piston oil jet tube thing. Has anyone here done this repair and how did it go? Part 1: The noise it makes (I believe this is after most or all of the liner broke up)...
  4. martinv

    Relative compression test

    Today I decided to try a 'relative compression test' on the M35A2. This method uses a current probe on the battery line and measures current peaks caused by the compression of each cylinder. There should be 1 peak for each cylinder, then the pattern will repeat as long as you are cranking the...
  5. martinv

    Oil spraying out exhaust

    Here is how it looks now: July 3: Drove about 36 miles to lake with no problem. July 6: Drove about 7 miles and suddenly noticed very excessive smoke out exhaust as I was slowing to make a turn. Stopped at gas station to investigate. Among the 1000 normal Deuce sounds, I thought I possibly...
  6. martinv

    Torsen Differential

    I was looking at an explanation of the Torsen, Eaton Trutrac differential (Youtube link below) Is this style differential available for a Deuce? It appears it is used in the HMMWV. What are the disadvantages of the Torsen? Torsen example at ~6:03:
  7. martinv

    MN registration advice for new owners

    Goal: Help deuce owners get their vehicle registered properly with minimal issues. I want more and happy deuce owners. Here are my findings before and after registering my deuce. Some of this is my interpretation of the MN statutes and should be considered opinion. Please feel free to add...
  8. martinv

    Simple blinker DIY module

    Here is my version of a DIY blinker module to replace the existing electronic unit: This is basically very similar to what others have done, just another option with a parts list and links: Advantages: Cheap blinker module and easy to replace Metal enclosure. Fits existing mounting holes...
  9. martinv

    fuel filter mating surface leak potential

    This is my first secondary and final fuel filter replacement. I have 2 L540F Luber-finer filters which appear to be a very common design. Looking at the mating surfaces where the filter drops into the canister and contacts the cup (#5 in diagram below), it appears the metal holding the cork...
  10. martinv

    New M35A2 Owner (MN)

    Since September 1999 I only owned mini-vans. The M35A2 is a nice contrast :) I spent these first few weeks mostly inspecting and doing as much work as I can while it's still above freezing.
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