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  1. brianrbull

    M103 Trailer/S250G With MEP002ask Behind a M1031 Contact Truck

    I am starting this Thread to Document my Build from start to finish... Phase 1 Planning and Discussion: My intent is to build an Expedition Camper. I am planning on using the frame and axle from a M105a2 Trailer, an S250G Shelter, and a MEP-002ask . I will be adding an onboard fuel tank of...
  2. brianrbull

    Fairbanks morse magneto

    I bought 2 centrifugal pumps with a one Cylinder Wisconsin engine . I cannot get spark out of either unit. Have checked ohms on both coils have similar resistance values. Points look good ect... Does anyone have experience working with these units?
  3. brianrbull

    M-1031 Contact Truck Generator issue

    I have a M-1031 with the PTO generator.... Generator works well... steady voltage, Steady HZ, 120v line to N, 208-210v Line to Line, The air compressor in the rear runs well..... Now for my issue.... I have an S280 with the standard PDICE 5 pin cable. I removed the "Welder" plug from the...
  4. brianrbull

    MEP-701a Charging information

    I have a MEP 701a with the one lung Onan, 234hrs on the clock great running gen, only the charging system seems to be offline. I tried to get the TM's From LOGSA but they are not avaliable to the public. Does anyone out there know if there is a fuse somwhere on the unit for the charging system?
  5. brianrbull

    Pulling Tanks with The M816

    Well with the high price of scrap and the inability to use them for their intended purpose the decision was made to remove and scrap these large fuel tanks. The first one was a single compartment 12 foot diameter 20 foot long tank only a single line was required to get her out of the...
  6. brianrbull

    Benmar-Hupp Fuel Fired Heater

    I have been working on a Benmar - Hupp Heater 20k BTU I can get it to fire but when operating it makes a "Growling" noise (Noise is more pronounced on High Heat) . it is NOT bearings or fan noise. it is the way fuel burns. The heater is brand new (Well right out of the box) I have the manual...
  7. brianrbull

    M35a2 Starter Interchangibility

    Well it has been a bad day..... While driving home from town I start to hear a rattle comming from the floor area of the truck I pull into the nearest gas station. Once I get stopped I smell the "Magic Smoke" smell.... (No NOT that magic smoke) grab my tool roll and run to the side of the truck...
  8. brianrbull

    Mack ENDT673C Engine

    I dont know if this will violate any site rules or not if it does I apologize in advance.... I am home from Afghanistan this summer and we are doing some clean up around the farm. I have a early '70's Mack Postal truck. The truck is wasted (MI Truck rusty ect)But the engine "Ran When Parked" ...
  9. brianrbull

    Insane MKT Price??

    Am I missing something?Did anyone else watch the MKT in FT Gordon... Who in their right mind would pay $6650+ Fees and Taxes for a MKT missing the burners and who knows what else? Have they gone up this much? 7360 - Sets, Kits & Outfits: Food Preparation & Serving at Government Liquidation
  10. brianrbull

    M-105 Carpenter Trailer with Saw

    I have seen in the past some of these m-105 trailers kitted up with large radial saws and other engineer equipment. I am putting in a wood fired boiler to heat both by 80x50 shop and my living space. I will be sourcing my wood from a local sawmill (Slab Wood) looking at the size of the saw I am...
  11. brianrbull

    Latest m818 is home

    Here is my latest acquisition a m818 from the Lansing MI DRMO Yard. I didnt preview (Could Not as I am deployed) My hired man was there to assist with the unloading, (Thanks to Great Lakes Heavy Haul for the shipping) The attempt at slave starting was unsuccessful 25 degrees and stone dead...
  12. brianrbull

    Goverment Liquidation No Longer collecting Sales Tax on Deuces?

    Ok, So I fell off the wagon .....again........ I didnt mean to buy it it just kinda happened......again.........But thats not the issue right now.... My question is this I see that Goverment Liquidation has collected their money. (No addressable issue there its just fact) But there was no sales...
  13. brianrbull

    Fouth Of July Mini Rally Campout

    I am having a Camp out 4th of July weekend at the Home AO. 90+ acres of apple trees, with areas to play with our trucks... Music, Live and Canned. MKT for chow, Camping W/Power available. Fireworks on the 4th. Possible paintball or Airsoft if interest is there. Anyone interested the event is...
  14. brianrbull

    Battery Minder Questions

    I would like to know of your experiences with the Battery Minder Line of Chargers.... I work overseas and my equipment sits for long periods of time. I dont have batterys in everything but the ones I do have need to be ready to go...... I am thinking of installing one of these devices...
  15. brianrbull

    July Rally in West Michigan

    Calling all Michiganites Looking to possibly have a mini rally while I am home in July... Location Home AO (200 Acres of farm) in Casnovia MI 49318 any one interested?
  16. brianrbull

    Anyone with a M816 in NM

    Here is my dilemma I have a 30kw gen set on trailer that I either need set on a trailer or does anyone have an empty pintle headed towards MI ? An 816 should be up to the job . I have a quote for a "Crane" at $140 an hour 2 hour minimum + Travel Time and that is just to set it on the trailer ...
  17. brianrbull

    EUC Approval Time Difference

    OK, so I am wondering is it normal to have a difference in the ammount of time for EUC approvals? I have had several over the past 3 years and other than the first one. they average around 6 days. I am currently at day 12 . I probably should not be concerned but the delay makes me wonder.....
  18. brianrbull

    M85 Laundry Trailers Home!

    The "Girls" have been delivered. and I am stuck in the sand Box :x Oh well probably for the best as "Home" is entering the cold part of the year....Man I hope they drained them well last field problem.... More pics to follow...(As Soon As they are sent my way.)
  19. brianrbull

    M85 Laundry trailer

    I just bought 2 Laundry units from UT, They look complete, both gens look to have 3-400 hours new CARC paint in "04". Now the questions. Has anyone had experience operating one of these? I got the Manuals from LOGSA and it looks like a neat setup. I am a little concerned with the washer controls...
  20. brianrbull

    Limestone ME

    Will anyone be near the Limestone ME site? in the next week - 10 days? if so let me know Thank You
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