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  1. MAdams

    MTVR ECM Configure File

    Here is the parameter configuration file from my 2002 MK23. This is useful if you need to replace your dead ECU with a new one. Click this link Also attached is the 355/410 hp flash "tune"...
  2. MAdams

    Suing GovPlanet. For the 3rd time. SF97 Help

    I have filed 3 small claims suits in my entire life and all 3 have been against GP. 2 of them were for not sending me the SF97 within the promised 60 business day time frame. The most resent(see picture) they offered me $500 to settle out of court and I accepted because I received the SF97 4...
  3. MAdams

    Mk23 power steering filter help

    Went to change the power steering filter and I think it's missing something. I think there should be a washer or something holding the filter down. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  4. MAdams

    MTVR CTIS problem

    I've been trying to diagnose a non op CTIS system. I used the DANA software on my laptop and plugged into the computer. The software says that the pressure switch is "open" even when the tank pressure is full. I pulled the switch and bench tested it and its working. I put a jumper wire where the...
  5. MAdams

    Damanged planetary hub on MTVR

    I pulled off the hub to replace a bad seal and found this. The best I can tell is the the a planetary gear got hot and seized which spun its axle. The reason I think that is because there were no large debris. I guess a large chunk could have gotten ground up into fine particles or it drained...
  6. MAdams

    Video of mounting and unmounting a 16.00 on a 2 piece wheel.

    I made a video showing a couple tricks to mounting a Michelin ZXL on a wheel with a bead lock. The hi lift jack and ratchet strap to the rafters is the best method I've found. Sorry for the poor quality video. I'm not the best with a camera Here is a...
  7. MAdams

    J1939 diagnostic code reader. Anyone using it?

    I know the MTVR has the LCD diagnostic screen but wondered if anyone has used a diagnostic computer to test ctis, etc. J1939 is new to me and don't know all whats needed
  8. MAdams

    MTVR 7 ton. Who bought one?

    93 of these trucks have sold recently and I don't see many threads about them. Who bought them all?
  9. MAdams

    Current SF97 wait time?

    Bought and paid for a trailer on 9/27/18. Picked up 10/5/18 and still no sf97. I've contacted GP several times but they are no help as usual. They just keep telling me to wait. Its been 101 calendar days and 62 business days. Wondering if I'm the only one. This will be my 5th sf97 and they've...
  10. MAdams

    M931A2 trailer brake air problem

    Picked up a M322 trailer and hooked up the glad hands with the truck not running. The primary and secondary air gauges showed 110 psi but very little air flow was coming out of the emergency glad hand. Started the truck and then had a lot of flow. The trailer air system has a few very small...
  11. MAdams

    8.3 compression test

    I searched and didn't see a lot of info about this so I will share what I know. While I had my injectors out I adjusted the valves and checked compression. I was going to use a old hollowed out injector but I bought the proper gauge set. Cold engine, batteries fully charged, all the injectors...
  12. MAdams

    M931A2 air in fuel

    Went off-roading a few months ago and on an extreme angle I think sucked some air. The truck never died but sputtered for a while. The rest of the day it would intermittently sputter again on angles. Drove it home with a slight lack of power due to the sputter. Came home, change the secondary...
  13. MAdams

    Alternative tire for the M989 and M747 trailer?

    Has anyone found a good alternative wheel and tire for these trailers? They use a 15.00 X 19.5 tire which is about 40" in diameter that are no longer available. It looks like a 19.5" dually setup might work. BTW this if for the M989 trailer, NOT the M989A1
  14. MAdams

    Anyone going from Las Vegas to So Cal?

    I won an auction and need a pallet picked up from Vegas and brought to so cal in the next couple weeks
  15. MAdams

    5 ton turn signal switch

    I broke the turn signal handle on my steering column. Looked on the auction site and there are a few variants. Will any of them work on an A2? I'm shocked with how expensive they are.
  16. MAdams

    Differences in torque rods

    I bought a spare dogbone and went to match it up to an existing dogbone that's on the truck and the new one is 1" longer in length than the existing. The pn# that's on the truck is 8728126 and is 24" long The new dogbone pn# is 8728129 and is 25" long I checked with my brother and he has a...
  17. MAdams

    Shutter stay filter/restrictor

    There is a bronze type filter/ restrictor on the air inlet. I'm making some fan mods and wondered if I can eliminate it?I switched the filter to the outlet side that goes to the fan and a lot of air now comes out of the shutter stat air weep hole Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  18. MAdams

    8.3 fan clutch lockup bolts

    Everyone talks about the A1 trucks fan override bolts but I couldn't find any thread talking about the bolts for the A2 truck. I found them, see pics
  19. MAdams

    Using contaminated diesel?

    I recently found bacteria in the fuel of my skidsteer. I went and got some biocide but wonder if it's worth draining the 20gal out of the tank and replacing it with fresh fuel. Does it hurt to run contaminated but treated diesel? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  20. MAdams

    8.3 injector cleaning or replacement

    I went on a 400mile round trip this weekend to Pismo Beach, CA. The truck ran awesome and did great in the sand, M931a2 with a M105 trailer. At idle there is a grey haze and the EGT's are really high at 1000 degrees just cruising 55mph on a flat freeway. I want to try to clean my injectors but...
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