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  1. gusto1

    New CDL Class A driver (Career)

    I probably put this in the wrong forum so if anyone notices this please let me know. I am 45 years old and have been around heavy trucks all my life with my family in the earthmoving and heavy hauling rigging and house moving. I decided at age 27 to become a Professional Land Surveyor and got...
  2. gusto1

    3 axle lowboy

    I have been watching GL for about 2 years. I never see any 3 axle lowboy trailers up for sale. Am I just missing them or do they not sale them on the GL site?
  3. gusto1

    M916 fifth wheel

    What size is the fifth wheel on the M916? Is it the same 3.5" as the M920? Thanks, Gus
  4. gusto1

    M52A2 Transmission Housing Cracked

    I need to pick up another 5 ton tranny for my M52A2. I've got 2 questions. Will the tranny from a M818 work? This is a standard tranny, will an OD tranny fit in it;s place? Thanks all and any ideas will be helpful. Gus
  5. gusto1

    M920's being replaced with ?

    I see many 920's and 916's on GL. What MV is replacing these?
  6. gusto1

    Cummins NTC-400

    This may be the most ignorant question I have asked yet. Why are some of the NTC-400s painted black and others are tan on the 900 series trucks?
  7. gusto1

    Cat 7155 tranny

    I was thinking about the purchase of a M920. I think they all have the Cat 7155 tranny. Can anyone tell me the good/bad of these tranny's? Can they be switched out with a conventional manual tranny?
  8. gusto1

    Military vehicles in WV?

    I was on Interstate 64 between Charleston and Blufield yesterday and saw (3) unidentified foriegn military vehicles. They appeared to be COE and looked older. Did anybody see this or know anything about them?:confused:
  9. gusto1

    Replace Head Gaskets on 5Ton Multifuel

    I need to replace the head gaskets on the M52A2. Can anyone give some advice on how long it will take and if I'll need any special tools. Thanks:grd:
  10. gusto1

    M52A2 multifuel (fuel turn up)

    I'm leaving for Camp Lejeune in the morning out of Cabarrus County NC. I need the fuel turned up some on my truck. I have never done this before, just read about it. I will be going down HWY 24. Is there anyone on the way down that can show me how it is done? Being the 1st time I do not want to...
  11. gusto1

    NC M129A1C Recovery Soon

    I just won a M129A1C from Camp Lejune. Waiting for all the EUC stuff to clear. If anyone needs anything brought back to Concord NC we can put it in the back for my return trip. I plan on picking it up inabout 2 weeks. Gus
  12. gusto1

    M52A2 45or55MPH

    I have owned 2 M52A2's W/W. Both have been great trucks. The first truck would go 55MPH@2400RPM's The second truck will only go 45MPH@2400RPM's. I could tell a big difference in the gearing on the 1st truck between 3rd and 4th gear to help it reach 55MPH. I'm thinking about purchasing an...
  13. gusto1

    Price M920 in GA on GL

    How much did the M920 in GA go for today? Does anyone know what shape it was in? I didn't bid on it (no money) but one day I'll try>
  14. gusto1


    I bought a M52A2 from GL. Not Running when I purchased it. With alot of help from fellow SS I did everything I could. The truck had IP problems, to much for me to fix. I took the truck to Jim Henry in Albemarle NC, he said the IP timing was off and the HH was bad. He replaced the parts for me...
  15. gusto1

    Headlight location

    I have noticed on sevral different 2 1/2 tons some headlight are mounted high in the grill while others are mounted low in the grill. Does anyone know why?
  16. gusto1

    NEED IP for LDS 465 1A

    Looks as if I'm going to save my M52A2. Does anyone have a GOOD IP for sale. Thanks, Gus
  17. gusto1

    M52A2 PART OUT or FIX IT

    I have a M52A2 with hard top, heater, winch, 60%+on all tires(spare is new), rebuilt in 1992 per tags. I think I will need to put a new IP on it. Do I purchase a IP and pay someone to put on the the IP or do I part it out and start over? Cost is my issue. Give me some thoughts.
  18. gusto1

    Plunger travel

    How much should the plunger travel in the Hydralic Head of a multifuel? Mine has about 1/8" when the motor is turning over. How does that sound? I bought a truck that was not running at purchase . It had a bad HH, the plunger was frozen, so I replaced the HH with a good one. Thank
  19. gusto1

    Need Hydralic Head for Multifuel

    I need a HH for a LDS-4651A. The HH I have has gone bad. It is a United Technologies 90101A from a M52A2 (5Ton). Thanks, Gus
  20. gusto1

    M52A2 vs M810

    I just saw some M810 truck tractors for sale in CA on GL. What is the difference between the M810 and the M52A2. It looked as if they both have multifuel engines.
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