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  1. atankersdad

    Aberdeen May 12, 13, & 14, 2016

    Guys i need to know who will be wanting a spot with the MD SS members. I have to know before Jan21. Send me a pm. Info for the show
  2. atankersdad

    MD Steel Soldier Location for Aberdeen

    Here are our spots L1 Me M1 Jon Appel LM2 Maddawg LM3 Pete Lawrence. Bucksnort LM4 Jim LEisure Big 109 LM5 Jim Banned Ferguson LM6,7 Mike Virili Big Mike
  3. atankersdad

    Aberdeen 2014

    The letter just arrived in the mail for previous vendor registration for Aberdeen. The dates are May 8-10. Thats Thursday thru Saturday. Like all previous years you may arrive on Wednesday and must leave by Sunday morning but lately the lot is empty by 3pm on Saturday. Now you can to go online...
  4. atankersdad

    Fall Gathering at the Appel Compound

    On saturday 11/9, we are having our annual fall MV gathering at Johns compound in Delta Pa. This is a great time for everyone. We have a junk car that we shoot at with everything from 22s to 50 cals....we have good food and no one leaves hungry. Byob and bring some food, and whatever ammo and...
  5. atankersdad

    Almost Finished

    Here is my 1008 that I brought home last night. Been working on it all summer. Powerstrokin did a fine job spraying it this weekend. I had been after this truck for several years. It has 8K original miles and was stored in a barn for the last 15-20 years. It has a sister that is the 1028 I have...
  6. atankersdad

    Aberdeen 2013

    It is that time again. The Washington Area Blue/Gray will be meeting next week and I will attend the meeting. I will be reserving spaces and they must be paid for by the time that I reserve them. Unlike last year, you need to pay for the spot now. I will not be stuck with spots that I paid for...
  7. atankersdad

    Ft Meade Entrance

    They no longer allow you to enter the gate off of RT 32 unless you are driving a deuce or larger. Today we were recovering 3 trailers and got sent to the main gate (Reese Road) off of Rt 175. I just want to let anyone else making recoveries know. No one needs to wait in line, to be booted out...
  8. atankersdad

    Putting my toys to word

    Today I had to move some firewood and put the M1028 and the M101A3 to work. Loaded them both up and made a 30 mile trip home.Except for hills, you could not tell that both were loaded. The more I drive my M1028, the more I love this truck. The A3 rides great and trailers perfectly behind the...
  9. atankersdad

    Another Family Gathering

    There is nothing more sacred than time with your sons. Now lets throw in a recovery at Ft Meade. My son Matt (the one and only Powerhousedeuce, master of the M818 offrorad) worked 11-7 last nite so when he got off I met him and we headed to Ft Meade to recover my M1009. It fired right up, Matt...
  10. atankersdad

    ABERDEEN 2012 ( Only 192 days away)

    It is offical::::: 10-12 May 2012, 39th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally & Flea Market at Aberdeen’s Ripken Stadium, MD. This is the largest gathering of enthusiasts honoring our military and veterans during Armed Forces week in the state of Maryland! The 12 acre Stadium Parking...
  11. atankersdad

    East Coast Convoy T-Shirts

    Chuck (CBARTLETT) asked me to post this for him. If you paid for a T-shirt at Aberdeen (and got a great meal too) then please send him an email so he can verify your shipping address. His email is Thanks. ATD
  12. atankersdad

    Happy Birthday BKUBU

    Guys like you make this a great hobby. You help everyone and are a wealth of knowledge for the rest of us. ATD and his sons...
  13. atankersdad

    Guess who is coming to dinner?

    Sign up here to let me know if you plan to eat with us at Aberdeen on Thursday night. Let me know how many are in the party and if you are bringing kids. The East Coast Convoy crowd should let me know as well. Donations for dinner will cover the food and drinks. Any money made above the cost of...
  14. atankersdad

    Bringing to Aberdeen 2011

    Ok here is the first list of what I am bringing 2 sell or trade. M109 w/w whisler 20K Miles on new 11x20's 3500.00 M35A2C Tan whisler, Cargo cover and tan 105 trailer Iowa truck 4000.00 bench seat w/good cushions (5) fiberglass bows set of fiberglass deuce troop seats w/wooden headboard Vinyl...
  15. atankersdad


    This thread is for the MD/PA/VA SS members who are coming to Aberdeen and are visiting or staying with us. I think we should do a dinner or cookout for Steel Soldiers coming to the rally. I will throw in the first $50 bucks towards food and maybe adult beverage (a keg). My sons will most likely...
  16. atankersdad

    Ultimate Off road and climber.

    YouTube - Chainlink extreme 4x4 My cousin sent me this. I hope my kids do get ideas from watching this. i would love to have on in the family..
  17. atankersdad

    Newbie Of Another Kind

    rfischba1 AKA Randy became a new dad this weekend. Randy is one of the MD SS crew who is retired military and an old fart who had his first son. I hope this healthy boy keeps his butt very busy, but not too busy, to help us with our FT Meade recoveries. Randy I hope you enjoy your son as much as...
  18. atankersdad

    Spots for Aberdeen

    I had a block of 20 spots that are dedicated for SS members. They are in the yellow section in rows L and M. I have first asked the MD/PA/VA guys who meet monthly and now I am going to fill the remainder of the slots. This will be a first come, first pay basis. Last year I got stiffed by 2...
  19. atankersdad

    GL M1009's at Ft Meade today

    There was a lot of 1009s that went off at Meade today. It looks like one person/dealer picked off the majority of them. I did get to pick up 2 runners for the family. Did anyone else pick one up?
  20. atankersdad

    U joint Question

    I threw a universal joint on my 41 M2-4 while at Carlisle last month. I pulled out the rear drive shaft and was able to use the front wheel drive. When I went to get a new u joint I find these are as rare as hens teeth. But I also found something more rare. The original straps were spot welded...
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