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  1. INFChief

    !CLOSED! Cab Mount Group Buy. NEW OEM FMTV LMTV M1078, M1079, etc

    When do you want payment? How do you want us to send the money? And, thank you!!!
  2. INFChief

    Back Up Camera for M1009?

    Good point about headlights flooding out the picture.
  3. INFChief

    Where Can I get a Speedometer Firewall Rubber Grommet?

    Which grommet? I can envision that there are several.
  4. INFChief

    Idler arm question

    Sometimes it’s obvious to tell it’s shot. Other times it seems OK but isn’t. Have someone ‘yank’ the steering left & right quickly / rapidly, in short jerky movements. Look at the idler arm (and pitman arm & tie rod ends) to see if there any movement. Sometimes the castle nut loosens up and...
  5. INFChief

    Master Cylinder Replacement

    I think I see Teflon tape one the MC to Hydrovac fitting.
  6. INFChief

    Rear axle seal leak

    I would not recommend that technique. At worse, I would try to dissolve & ‘blow off’ the grease with a Brake-Kleen type product. But grease or oil seeps in to the brake shoe material pretty deep and there’s no way to get it all out. Separation from swelling or contracting is pretty likely and...
  7. INFChief

    LMTV M1078 Transmission Fluid Change To ATF Write Up

    I saw that too. Hadn’t heard about it and was curious.
  8. INFChief

    GovPlanet Humvee Arrival and Inspection

    Who / what is DCP?
  9. INFChief

    Rear axle seal leak

    IMO, the OEM seals always worked fine. Of course now & then you simply get a bad new seal. As said below by another member be sure to seal up that keyway. The outer seal is supposed to keep dirt, dust, water, and GL from leaching in. Use a new axle flange gasket too. With the bearing...
  10. INFChief

    Rear axle seal leak

    Maybe it’s just the pictures; but, it looks like a couple of wheel lug nut studs are pushed back in. Also, in the one photo it seems as if the gear lube (GL) is dripping out from the hub & not the center bore of the axle housing where the axle slides in. I simply do not remember 2.5 tons have...
  11. INFChief

    Rear axle seal leak

    What year & model deuce is this? I don’t remember a rear axle seal but remember inner & outer hub seals. I thought the axle was sealed but the gasket on the axle flange.
  12. INFChief

    Broken Starter Bolt

    If there’s something going on that high up that breaks those starter bolts then there’s bigger problems to worry about. Those starter bolts will break it over-tightened or reused too many times. No one uses a torque wrench - they get them German torqued (guten tight).
  13. INFChief

    Broken Starter Bolt

    Those bolts break very easy. Not too hard to get out. They’re standard GM starter bolts. You should check the bendix engagement and shim the starter if needed.
  14. INFChief


    Those cams at the top that ride on the interior of the shoe - those are your major adjustments. Before sliding your drum back on rotate them to give maximum clearance on the drum. The “hook” button n that cam adjuster should be up against the brake shoe metal rib. If you loosen the large nut...
  15. INFChief

    M1089 Mirror Upgrade

    Comes with a plenty long enough cable for the rearward camera. These are waterproof / weatherproof too!
  16. INFChief

    Help needed PTO won’t disengage

    Are the dump box & winch controls back in a neutral position?
  17. INFChief

    M1089 Mirror Upgrade

    Many of the roads I travel in rural NYS are narrow. To navigate oncoming traffic I need to hug the right shoulder. Tree branches are constantly smacking my mirrors. I’ve tightened them down so they don’t vibrate in while driving but left them just loose enough to fold back if they get a hood...
  18. INFChief

    Help needed PTO won’t disengage

    My first instinct is to say that only one shaft should turn at a time when the PTO is engaged - either front or back. However, your set up could be such that the engagement is at the winch or the dump gear box. I ran a M54 & a M800 series wrecker a LONG time ago. I may be lying to you but...
  19. INFChief

    New LMTV owner

    Will you need to remove the connections to apply the DEOXIT or will it seep down in between the connections?
  20. INFChief

    New LMTV owner

    What’s the NSN & P/N for you manifold? I wonder if SPX makes a kit?
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