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  1. bprzyw

    M18A1 claymores demilitarized or 3d printed

    Anyone have any claymores for sale?
  2. bprzyw

    24v led lighted license plate

    Ok, so not sure where this goes….. but hope it’s here. I got a 24v led license plate holder. I have it wired up to #21 on the drivers side taillight. When turning on the lights I notice the drivers side tail light is dim. I disconnected the license plate light and the taillight works just fine...
  3. bprzyw

    M35A2 tires / wheel combo

    Hi all. I’ve been reading and reading, searching about tire wheel combo’ for several months now. Anyone running MRAP wheels with the 7” offset? How do they line up in the front? Do they track correctly? I want to run 395’s all around. Which wheels would be best for this? Mrap, 5 ton, Hemtt...
  4. bprzyw

    1970 M35A2 White LD465 problem

    Hi all. Currently have a 1970 M35A2, owned her about 25 years now..... have not ran it in a year and a half. Went thru post inspections, checked all fluids, filters (removed mice nest in air filter) put 25 gallons fresh diesel, 2 refurb group 31 deep cycle marine exide batteries, and presto...
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