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  1. mutt_kahuna you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    Here's some GREAT pics of low flying aircraft...first is my favorite...NOT photoshopped...The B52 was doing exercises with the USS Ranger...and a great video using warbirds for a commercial....enjoy
  2. mutt_kahuna

    Need an M923 hauled from Acton,Ca. (near palmdale) apx 400 miles north

    I need a running M923 hauled from Palmdale,ca area (Acton) apx 400 miles north to Fallon,Nv...already tried uship...only bid was right at $2000!....crazy price $5 a mile!...truck runs/drives but not trust worthy thru high desert for 400 miles...please pm or call me at: 775-846-1419
  3. mutt_kahuna

    New addition to motorpool

    Here's the latest addition to the motorpool....a military version Dnepr motorcycle with hack (sidecar)...real fun to ride...havent 'flown' the hack yet!
  4. mutt_kahuna

    New addition to the mutt pound...1962 (?) M151

    Well the wife welcomed a new to us 1962 M151.Im TDY in Colorado so the wife helped a friend unload the M151...always wanted an early one so here's the project...the positives:titled,uncut,engine possible rebuilt,5 mag wheels....believe it or not I've seen worse M151's..from the wifes cell phone...
  5. mutt_kahuna

    1966 M54A2 Vietnam gun truck to be

    Well I pulled the trigger on the 'new to me' 1966 Kaiser-Jeep m54A2....this truck will be the foundation of my long planned Vietnam gun truck replica...when she arrives this weekend I'll start the slow/expensive transformation.....she'll probably be the first western US Vietnam gun...
  6. mutt_kahuna

    NEED HELP saving a 5 ton from the crusher!

    As the title says,I'm trying to save an 1961 M139 5 ton bridge transporter from the scrapper... I cant afford to buy this vehicle so Im helping the owner by NOT going with the low ball scrap rate....if anyone wants more info please PM me for my # and more info...Im posting this way so I do not...
  7. mutt_kahuna

    "Lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut"

    This a FANTASTIC collection of pics of aircraft of all types (mostly military) flying VERY LOW....Enjoy! Lower than a Snake's Belly in a Wagon Rut > Vintage Wings of Canada
  8. mutt_kahuna


    For the MV collector that has EVERYTHING..then this may be the ultimate MV or (military vessel)...let me preface this as THIS IS NOT AN no need for the mr. helper's saying " you cant post that!"....just a cool thing to own...who knows it will probably run on WMO! ex-russian whiskey...
  9. mutt_kahuna

    Road trip!...only 900 miles this time!

    Well another military motorcycle followed me home yesterday...this time a 1975 A350 Condor made by Ducati for the Swiss military...left from the Fallon,Nevada FOB at 0500 and headed due south to mojave,ca onto hwy 58 over the Tehachapi pass to Bakersfield/oildale...that segment took right 8...
  10. mutt_kahuna

    MT-500 Harley follows me home

    Here's a few pics of my newest toy...a 2000 MT-500 Harley davidson,with only 2200 miles...the 1999's and 2000 MT-500's are VERY rare...supposedly only 460 made for the USA......found it on craigslist and only about 3 hours from my home....other pic is of the MT next to it's little brother my...
  11. mutt_kahuna

    Look what followed me home

    Well now...looks like 2 mules followed me home this time.....picked one up in socal and the other in Phoenix...the one in the truck bed is a 1966 M274A2 painted in WWII OD (proper USMC colors soon) the other is a 1968 Baifield M274A5...both have electric starts,alternators and batterys....note...
  12. mutt_kahuna

    British Army Oshkosh HET....oops!

  13. mutt_kahuna

    USMC "The Breacher"

    The USMC has some Assault breacher vehicles for IED and minefield clearing....check out this video of this awesome 72 ton machine
  14. mutt_kahuna

    another mule on craigslist..dont know what to think

    Found another mule on craiglist...this one looks like it will take JUST a bit of work to return to stock....ONLY in cali... Burning Man Art Car Built On A Military Mule
  15. mutt_kahuna

    privately owned supersonic aircraft

    Well,it looks like the bar has been raised in the privately owned SUPER high performance aircraft category...there are privately owned MIGS (19-29),an F4 phantom,Harrier...but this one is something else:an SU-27 sure to click the video links...hmmm..if only my powerball #'s come up...
  16. mutt_kahuna

    4th of July display..Sparks,Nevada

    Our MV group got another invite to the Sparks,Nevada family 4th of july celebration at the Sparks marina....location is a nice man made lake near the city of Sparks...I drove my M-151A2 60 miles for the show..the jeep was loaded with my display stuff and had to contend with I-80 trucks hauling...
  17. mutt_kahuna

    wanted:MISC PARTS FOR m274

    I got another toy the other day..a 1966's in pretty good shape..has original USMC I'm looking for some misc parts:good used seat frame & cushions,round deck cover.rear rail..I've looked at the various M274 parts guys sites..but I'm kinda budget minded right
  18. mutt_kahuna

    Vietnam era Huey..what's it worth?

    I looked at a vietnam era Huey yesterday and wanted opinions on's fairly intact..all glass good,body in good shape,engine most of drive intact...seats,instrument panels gone...has mina rotor hub assm. and rotors (not on copter)...I dont know why I want this except It's REALLY COOL!..I...
  19. mutt_kahuna


  20. mutt_kahuna

    FYI: HMMWV for sale craigslist

    Heads up!..HMMWV for sale..not mine..just FYI...
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