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  1. Andrmorr

    NC Christmas Parade MV roll a success

    Gibsonville NC is a neat little town that has a pretty cool Christmas Parade every year. So this year SS members PowerstrokeNC, Oxyacetylene & Gear Report met me to roll the green/tan iron for the kiddies. My son's 4x4 friends brought their little trucks so we put them in front to warm up the...
  2. Andrmorr

    NC Christmas Parade Gibsonville NC

    A bunch of us are getting together to display our MV in the Christmas Parade. Gibsonville is an awesome little town with a fully restored Main street downtown area and the Christmas parade is always a fun affair. See the schedule/directions/poc info below. POC-Me-Andrew 336-684-9157 Date: Sat...
  3. Andrmorr

    The birth of a Parts truck

    I was going thru some of my military photos and thought someone here might be interested in a photo of how a parts truck is created... An inert 2,000-pound laser-guided bomb strikes its target after being launched from an altitude of 4,000 feet, 1977.
  4. Andrmorr

    Lockbourne, OH to NC small boxes

    Anyone going to or near Lockbourne OH I have 5 boxes about 12"x12" 38lbs each I need to get to NC... if you're headed this way that would be outstanding...otherwise, Just dropping them at UPS for me would be a big help and I'd be glad to pay you...Thanks for any help in advance...Andrew
  5. Andrmorr

    Manual ctis

    My CTIS Dumped my tire pressure while I was driving to the Denton Rallye...Got me thinking that I like the CTIS but am not impressed with the computer control of it. Wondered if a plain regulator valve could be put in place of the computer control...set the regulator for 70psi...check the gauge...
  6. Andrmorr

    Broken black box/control box/pcb box needed

    SS Memeber Triple Jim re-engineers electrical items to work better/stronger than the OEM and did a great job on the MEP 002 & 003 generator AC & DC voltage regulator control boards... He is willing to take a look at re-engineering the BLACK BOX (aka PCB BOX/CONTROL BOX) for our 5 tons if he can...
  7. Andrmorr

    Need torque help

    I'm changing out some 5 ton tires and need help getting to the 450 ft lbs the bead nuts need. My torque wrench only goes to 350ft lbs...bolts and torque usually move in a linear measure so can someone with a torque wrench that goes to 450 tell me how much further to turn the nut past 350? I'm...
  8. Andrmorr

    CTIS for back wheels--- HEMMT front wheels

    Can it be done? I want to run HEMMT rims on the front but retain CTIS on the rear axles to help with traction situations...airing the front up/down would be easy with a gladhand hose since its only two tires and the nipples are on the outside... Can the CTIS be blocked to the front axle and...
  9. Andrmorr

    M939A2 COMPRESSOR UNLOADER Remove/Replace

    My compressor is pretty loud... (Ron (73m819) you heard it in Atl, what do you think it might be)... I want to check my compressor unloader for carbon build-up and am seeking guidance. Forum search revealed several mentions of doing it but no pics and or detailed write...
  10. Andrmorr

    RRAD REBUILD- IUID digital block

    Per the RRAD Program Director, The IUID digital block on the bottom right corner of the RRAD dataplate should give truck specific info if anyone can read it with a scanner... bottom right of pic is IUID digital data block...Does anyone have the software setup to read this? If you can, I can...
  11. Andrmorr

    Best way to charge your Hawker batteries

    I use my Purr Charger...What's your technique?
  12. Andrmorr

    Michelin XZL TIRE INFO

    I was looking this up for myself and thought some others may be interested in a condensed quick access version. The tire pressures and max MPH (55mph) are interesting. Anyone know why 5ton tire pressures are set at 70 (or 80 depending on where you look) when the max pressure @max load is 110/125...
  13. Andrmorr

    Driving with lockers

    Can anyone give a comparison of driving with lockers vs without? I've never had the opportunity to push the traction limits of a 5 ton so what would the non-locker 5 ton experience be vs the detroit locker setup. Would the locker limit you in any way like driving on pavement etc...How does the...
  14. Andrmorr

    AIR DRYER INOP- No power- source?

    Installed a new dryer from suprman since RRAD was kind enough to paint over everything including the blow off and openings on my old one. Did some pre-intall testing and could not get a voltage reading on the dryer power lead from the truck(with the switches on :-)) was obvious at GL...
  15. Andrmorr

    Recovery from ATLANTA to NORTH CAROLINA in a few days. Anyone needs to ship anything?

    Recovery-ATLANTA to NORTH CAROLINA WED/THURS 22nd. Anyone needs to ship anything? I live in Burlington NC and will be heading to Atlanta Wed night/Thursday morning this week (22nd) to recover a M930a2. My aapointment at GL is 8am. Hope to be on the road by 9. Preflighting the truck takes...
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