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  1. ODw/envy

    Fl to AZ run PM if you want something moved

    I am planning to travel from Deltona to Tucson shortly. Currently, I am taking an F250 and M101A3 empty. I can take the big truck if need be. Let me know what you have to move. I am planning on following the I-10 corridor currently, but am flexible on timing and route. This offer is now closed.
  2. ODw/envy

    Deuce Stuck and need help!

    Sorry about this- I am posting for my husband. He is stuck in the mud with his new 1995 M35A3. He needs help getting out. Please if you can help let me know! We are in Deltona, FL the closest intersection is Captain and Lake Helen Osteen Road. Please help if you can! Alison The truck is...
  3. ODw/envy

    New Production 6.2L/700R4 TV Brackets (Interested?)

    I find myself in possession of the rarely seen, but often mentioned 6.2L/700r4 TV cable bracket. There is a local company that is capable of fabricating them here. I might be willing to submit mine for CAD mock up. Before I approach them, I want to know if how many people would be interested...
  4. ODw/envy

    20 ft Gooseneck Tucson to Phoenix (Offering)

    This is an offer not a need. Sunday 7/8/2012. I am heading to phoenix with an empty trailer. It must fit on a 20ft dovetail and not push much over 10,000. Let me know what you have. If you can chip in for fuel great if not that is fine too. I hate dragging an empty trailer.
  5. ODw/envy

    cHucv Soup: The animal to be

    For reasons I don’t wish to discuss, I have decided to rehome my deuce. It sickens me to say it, but I will be going to an M1009. I will be selling the F-250 too. My new charge will be my primary transportation for the foreseeable future. I have an M101A3 that will be staying as well. My...
  6. ODw/envy

    CUCV under powered?

    I knew the ChUCVs where under powered but this is ridiculous!
  7. ODw/envy

    Amistad NRA San Antonio to Tucson

    It is almost time to pick the new truck up. I'll be leaving Sunday and picking up Monday. Hopefully, we will be on the road Monday night. If things go as planned I was hoping to camp at Lake Amistad National Recreation Area. Has anyone been there or taken US-90 from San Antonio to Van Horn? It...
  8. ODw/envy

    Headed to San Antonio

    I will be going to San Antonio 5/9/11 I will be empty, less items essential to recover an M35. If you need an inspection, I will try. If you need someone or something transported, I will try. Persons/items must be legal.:-) I will be driving an F250 SBCC. I can drag almost anything and have...
  9. ODw/envy

    Post purchase Inspection San Antonio

    I have an M35a2 waiting on EUC in San Antonio. I would greatly appreciate a post purchase inspection. I just need to know if there are any major parts missing or obvious major leaks. I am mainly concerned about the brake system. She is supposed to be running but has "no foot brake". Any help...
  10. ODw/envy

    Headed to Barstow 3/8

    I am headed to Barstow (from Tucson) this Tuesday (3/8/11). If you need something to go either way let me know I will try to help. Planning on leaving late Monday and will be back late Tuesday. Ryan
  11. ODw/envy

    Coast to coast (almost) need a full load

    I am planning a trip from Tucson to Atlanta and back in the next few months/weeks. I will be taking my F250 crew cab. I have a goose neck hitch and also ball and pintle adapters. I will be willing to transport people supplies trailers and vehicles either way. I will have a 26’ dovetail on...
  12. ODw/envy

    Barstow Inspection

    If anyone is out at Barstow in the next couple of week I would really appreciate a post sale inspection on a couple of trailers that I purchased. I just need to know if I need to bring tires and be aware of any major mechanical defects. I would also like to know if there is any loading...
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