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  1. Durango_USMC

    Cover for M103A3 trailer

    Looking for a cover for a M103A3 trailer... looking for anyone that has one in stock. Thank you.
  2. Durango_USMC

    looks like another 802A restoration thread

    Well I got a genset out of Crane not too long ago, needs work. So in my quest for parts I stumbled across and landed another 802A from the same auction. I'm going to attempt to upload pics as its been a little tricky for me to upload. Initially I will be just attempting to get one up and running...
  3. Durango_USMC

    M1008 restoration and repair thread.

    Well I finally got a piece of green iron, its an '86 M1008 that spent its formative years in I'm guessing the Ohio National Guard and later retired from public service with the Indiana Forestry Service. Its a bone stock M1008, its older, a little rusty, slow, and loud so naturally we have a love...
  4. Durango_USMC

    Recovery vehicle options... and DD maybe...

    I don't own any green iron at the moment and I'm looking to correct that. As much as I'd love to park a Deuce on top of the work vans in my apartment's parking lot... someone would probably complain, even if I was considerate enough to put a drip pan under the engine. But I do plan on doing some...
  5. Durango_USMC

    AAA for a CUCV? (IN)

    I'm sure it's been asked before but I haven't seen anything on it. If I recover anything it will probably be from Stout Field, but maybe Crane or Grissom. More than likely it'll be Stout Field. Has anyone used AAA before to haul one out? I know they've been out on that base before generally just...
  6. Durango_USMC

    Kinda new... from IN

    Howdy, I've been registered here for a while and eyeballing even longer trying to learn a lot. I got side tracked with work and some of my other hobbies but I'm hoping to make this a new one. I understand it can get expensive quick and I'm generally speaking a mechanical moron (but give me a...
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