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  1. doghead

    Austin/Western M62 hoses
  2. doghead

    PSA WTB Ads and Friends...

    There was nothing to reply back to you about. The info was Shared where it needed to be shared.
  3. doghead

    PSA WTB Ads and Friends...

  4. doghead

    Torque Rod End failure

    Ratchet straps, and bottle jacks are your friend...
  5. doghead

    Torque Rod End failure

    Nope, retain and fix as needed.
  6. doghead

    Well this is not good, GP hiking fees!

    Should be “manhandling costs”.
  7. doghead

    Does the TH400 have a "Limp Mode"?

  8. doghead

    Axle broken? M998 front wheels not turning in shallow snow

    How long have you had this vehicle? Have you serviced /inspected all of it?
  9. doghead

    How many amps do the glow plugs pull at full load?

    Found on the inter webs. Erik’s A working glow plug should draw approximately 12 - 15 amps at 24 volts DC. You said “worst case”, well battery voltage is also a variable.
  10. doghead

    About My MEP-002A

    Never disconnect the batteries when it is running.
  11. doghead

    803a trips DC breaker in AUX fuel position

    Most likely one of the fuel pump capacitors failed(common when you unhook battery while running). Snip it out of the circuit, it’s not needed.
  12. doghead

    Is it safer to wear seatbelts, or not?

    Maybe these former military vehicles should not be used on highways by civilians. This post would be great ammunition for any (and all) insurance businesses to reconsider.
  13. doghead

    Is it safer to wear seatbelts, or not?

    What speed rating did your tires have when they were new?
  14. doghead

    Identify help.

    Bird, plane or Superman.
  15. doghead

    LED Pushbutton Switch Install

    Cool video bruh... I gotta get one of them switches. Then drive without my seatbelt on, as I recently learned! Sweet
  16. doghead

    Is it safer to wear seatbelts, or not?

    I respect that you are entitled to an opinion. You are entitled to live and die by it. Please do not hijack someone else’s thread to advocate for your opinion after every reply to the OP’s thread. It’s just not what we want here(on SS).
  17. doghead

    Is it safer to wear seatbelts, or not?

    Tell you superior that when you get trained to operate said MV, see how that goes. fwiw, when I was young, I thought I knew everything...
  18. doghead

    NHC 250 goes past idle and dies when letting off throttle

    Maybe your torque converter is not disengaging?
  19. doghead

    Is it safer to wear seatbelts, or not?

    I’ve had a lot of friends die in accidents, but to my knowledge NONE of them died BECAUSE they were wearing a seatbelt. Some of them clearly did die because they were NOT wearing their seatbelt. My opinions of seatbelts, and mandatory use of them have strengthened as my age increases. Anyone...
  20. doghead

    LED Pushbutton Switch Install

    My take on this(completely speculative), AMG added the tabs to stop the installation of the new push button switch after they started burning trucks down.:unsure:
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