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  1. Keith Knight

    LMTV strobe Light connector

    LMTV convoy strobe beacon Light connector I Think I've read it some where her but I've looked for hours and can not find the part number for the plug that would directly fit the existing plug for the strobe light. What I can gather it's a 2 pin twist lock Amphenol connector, the twist lock...
  2. Keith Knight

    FMTV's on Fox news

    Any body watching the Fox News special with Sean Hannity in Louisiana reporting on the terrible flooding going on? They are touring the area in the back of a FMTV! Sad to see all the devastation there but great to know GREAT neighbors and communities are still alive in America! My prayers...
  3. Keith Knight

    Keith's M1078 Project

    My M1078A1 built in 2003 History, Purchased from GovPlanet September 2015 as a non runner all fluids drained, no batteries and a huge hole in the front left tire. Picked it up from Hurlburt AFB, Florida. I've been working on it ever since. I'm late at starting this project thread but I wanted...
  4. Keith Knight

    Washer fluid quick lock screw???

    Help please, I broke the little plastic piece during removal and want to find a replacement. Been searching for this little......whatever its called on the web and can't find the proper search term for it, it would be nice if Mcmaster had something close to it. What is the proper name for it...
  5. Keith Knight

    FMTV Air Horn Install

    I bought a new MRAP air horn to replace the wimpy horn. I've searched around and can't find a thread on this subject if there is please point it out. If not I'll post my install here. While I'm waiting for delivery, does any one have some good advice on where I could get the air supply from...
  6. Keith Knight

    FMTV, LMTV, M1078 Civilian Truck-lite LED Headlight Install

    Using the civilian Truck-lite LED Headlight. It also allows for any other civilian headlight to work. Modified an H-4 harness by soldering some military connectors onto it. First heat the connector and fill with solder. Then while the solder is still fluid insert stripped wire into connector...
  7. Keith Knight

    M1078 Bed Weight

    Someone asked on a different thread how much the bed weighs. To make it easier for people to find in the future I started a new thread on the subject. M1078A1 weighs 14,240 lbs without the bed (and everything thats attached to the bed) and without the 2 front lift arms/rings. Bed weighs 2,360...
  8. Keith Knight

    FMTV Steering Wheel center Cap

    My original "ugly" center cap! My solution! Make a die set to stamp a new center cap out of 24 gauge 304 stainless steel, powder coat it flat black and have it laser engraved. Here are the results Old cap, freshly stamped cap, WWII Army logo, and Air Force logo. Installed Cap with my logo. I...
  9. Keith Knight

    Starter Bolts loose and missing on M1078A1 3126 engine

    Check your starter bolts regularly. I was working on mine today and noticed a small gap between the starter and the housing mounting surface. The starter was very loose and missing two of the 3 bolts holding it onto the housing. I cant believe it was still starting ok. I also discovered the...
  10. Keith Knight

    3126 ECU mystery box

    Can anyone identify this box to the right of the engine ECU that has two threaded plug connectors with nothing attached to them. This is a 2003 M1078A1 with the 3126B engine. Each plug has two pins in it. The box had been by passed before I picked it up from the air force base. With a short...
  11. Keith Knight

    FMTV Air Conditioner Hybrid Completed Installation

    The Plan: Take a readily available Humvee AC kit, Red Dot PN# RD-2-5497-0, NSN:4120-01-581-9451, Contract CAGE: 31UG4 Note: I found my kit at the auction site we all love. and the FMTV Interior AC unit (Evaporator-Heater Assembly) 1st generation Red Dot PN# R-5750-1 Combine them to make...
  12. Keith Knight

    MRAP Axle gears/Diff gears/...

    Looking for MRAP 3.07 gears/Centersection for my M1078/LMTV!!! I've read all the old threads but looking for a current source. Thanks
  13. Keith Knight

    M1078A1 2003 Bad transmission problems

    Without listing all the symptoms leading to the final nail in its coffin here is the last thing I found. After removing a cover an the back of the transfer case gaining access to the out put speed sensor area I found two and a HALF small roller bearings measuring about 3/16in long by 1/16in...
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