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  1. Blackmagic94

    MEP-805A voltage issues

    Problems on this set I bought runs and runs strong 1. water temp gauge has no reading. Pegged fully left of scale 2. Low voltage warning light is on 3. Ac interupter light up when pushed, lights up when switch is flipped, turns off when switch is released 4. 48 hz when on 60 ha setting...
  2. Blackmagic94

    Lifting cab

    So I have a m1078 with a bad hydro seal which I have ordered. But how can I raise the cab before I replace the seal to address a loose belt issue.
  3. Blackmagic94

    Took the 4 door out

    The ma deuce finally showed up after 11 weeks of waiting.
  4. Blackmagic94

    my new technical truck

    I just recently finished up. 1993 M998A1, 12k miles It went from this To this, -added full LED lighting, head lights, turn signals, brake lights etc, digital light control push button switch -new 4 door soft top with C pillar and supports -Kevlar armored X doors -deep fording intake...
  5. Blackmagic94


    What turret fits the FMTV, I thought I remember reading it was a M66 but a few weeks ago I was told it is the HMMWV style unit.
  6. Blackmagic94

    M932A2 axle driveshaft seal help

    My tech needs to replace the seal from the yoke to driveshaft from the front rear axle to the rear axle, it is seeping from around the yoke shaft into the axle housing. Anyone know what part number I need hopefully in a common over the shelf number that I can source locally, thanks
  7. Blackmagic94

    Hydraulic leak

    Went to raise the spare tire carrier ram from the lowered position and I see hydraulic fluid steam and then piss out of a Black box with hoses next to the ram assembly but below the chemical detector unit mount. Any suggestions
  8. Blackmagic94

    K&N E-1700 air filter

    Does anyone know if this will fit a M998 6.2 or 6.5L engine, its the filter off a 6.5 H1 1993 and up model.
  9. Blackmagic94

    55,250 dollar lol

    Auction unit I was bidding on today sold for 55,250 lol
  10. Blackmagic94

    weird fluid oil leak

    So after driving yesterday once it was stopped I noticed a fresh oil puddle, passenger side frame rail is where it was dripping off of, behind the control arm but before the firewall. Looks like a dark fluid but feels lighter like ATF but wasn't red, could be dirty though. Engine runs no...
  11. Blackmagic94

    led dash bulb size

    My bulb is a standard bulb and has 1864 stamped on it, that doesn't cross with, so what size do I need
  12. Blackmagic94

    Fording snorkel install help

    So I have like a million of these intake snorkel things in my yard, I went to install on a truck last night and the diameter of the new snorkel is not as big as the original mushroom prefilter cap. So is this thing suppose to attach to the outside of the mounting point or slip inside or do I...
  13. Blackmagic94

    Spoke to GP about the new SF-97 for HMMWVs

    The SF97s will be issued on request with a "OFF ROAD ONLY STAMP", they are still for off road use only folks, hope this clears everything up Some states will be able to obtain a title, but you still cannot make it road legal, but you can maybe get insurance and such at this point which is...
  14. Blackmagic94

    Where can I get x door strikers

    Need to buy some b and c pillar strikers
  15. Blackmagic94

    So dont know if i should post pics of this

    So one of my trucks came from Ft Irwin from the 11 ACR, and someone was stupid and decided to leave behind a 50 page mission 3 ring binder for a training OP inside the battery box, some really cool stuff in it, but not sure if I should post a few of the pics due to the possible sensitive nature...
  16. Blackmagic94

    Where in the TM is the schematic of the air brake system to show my mechanic

    I found a ctis one but not the air brakes total systems. Help please
  17. Blackmagic94

    53s on a m923a2

    Will they clear stock or I need a lift?
  18. Blackmagic94

    Can you paint or dye the soft doors and tops

    How could I paint or dye them black?
  19. Blackmagic94

    Torque rating

    Im looking at the TM and my googlefoo is lacking because I cannot find anywhere what the TQ rating is for a M1078 and M1083 of the first run batch.
  20. Blackmagic94

    NSN or part number for driver door latch

    I need to give my suppplier a part number or nsn to get a replacement latch on the actual door of the driver side of a M1078, this truck is missing it, it has the u shaped striker on the frame side. Where could i find this
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