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  1. Duster06

    Gearing up my M998 for Alaska

    What are some required upgrades you'd recommend for my M998 to operate in Fairbanks Alaska? What are some nice-to-have upgrades?
  2. Duster06

    Axle broken? M998 front wheels not turning in shallow snow

    I got my M998 stuck in two inches of snow. I shifted into H/L, and tried to get out of it. My two rear wheels were spinning, but my front two wheels were not spinning at all. I tried adding a little brake pressure to help but nothing worked. I ended up towing it out of the snow with my BMW :( I...
  3. Duster06

    Broken transfer case?

    SoOoOo the most embarising thing happened today. I was driving through some powder snow blazing my own trail on the road. I stopped in front of the dumpster to throw some trash out, and then I got stuck. It took me a long time to get out. I tried every possible combination of the transfer case...
  4. Duster06

    Titling was too easy.

    Great Americans, I walked into my local Virginia DMV today with my SF-97. My desk person called over the manager to look at the "Off Road use only" tag and she said that she couldn't issue me plates. I was nice and mentioned the "Antique" plates, where she then looked up the rules in her book...
  5. Duster06

    Oil pressure indication

    Great Americans, I have an oil pressure issue that I am troubleshooting that I'd like to hear your thoughts about. When I crank my engine cold, the oil pressure indicates 10-15 psi. As the engine warms up and stabilizes at 195 degrees (perfect in range) the pressure slowly drops down to zero...
  6. Duster06

    What is this?

    This drain hole is located between my transmission pan and my oil pan. It is constantly leaking transmission fluid. What is this component and what is likely wrong? What would it take to fix?
  7. Duster06

    M998 fuel sensor change

    I'm installing the new fuel sensor and throwing out the old one. Since the two plugs on the top of the fuel sensor are the same size, does it matter which end I plug them into when I connect the sensor to the truck?
  8. Duster06

    6.5L turbo vs 6.2L

    How can I visually see the difference between a 6.2L, 6.5L, and 6.5L turbo engine? My m998 was marketed as a 6.5L turbo but has a 3 speed transmission still. I'd just like to confirm that they sold me the right truck.
  9. Duster06

    Transmission fluid filter change

    I'm changing the filter on my 3 speed transmission. It has the 13 bolts around the edge and I am able to completely disconnect and drop the pan, but not remove it. The manual says that I shouldnt have to remove the cross brace in order to remove it but I can't see any other way. Does anyone know...
  10. Duster06

    M998 fuel sensor change

    I picked up my "new" M998 the other day and have spent the past few days replacing every fluid and filter in the whole vehicle. After I pumped out the old diesel fuel and dropped the tank to clean it, I noticed that the wires on top of this part are broken and likely to fail in the future. I'd...
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