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  1. frank8003

    M1031 speedometer firewall grommet

    It is in the TM Gives NSN and part number Not rocket science to find the part you need It is a common GM part...
  2. frank8003

    Fan Clutch O-Rings - 24 volt fan options?

    Everything is in the TM's EVERYTHING Goto TM 9-2320-280-24P-1 figure 34 and the next page gives the ID of part #6 and its NSN and part number If you would like to know how I did that in 3 minutes send a conversation and I will tell you. O-rings are not rocket science but wherever one is used...
  3. frank8003

    Fan Clutch O-Rings - 24 volt fan options?

    Post the TM with the fan in it Is this the 19" ten blade fan? O-ring "packing" is probably 50 cents each but I need numbers of the TM. The o-ring cross section is 0.139" Ross wants 5 bucks each for an o-ring...
  4. frank8003

    Headlights flash with turn signals

    My my '69 jeep kaiser M35A2 I had removed left front fender to do work. The wires did in fact have 69 and the other 96 which I reattached wrong when reinstalling. Was like upside down and backwards working, no excuse. Also the right front headlight normal low beam was burnt out and I could never...
  5. frank8003

    members map

    I have no clue what an API is and wouldn't pay for one. Hey Patracy, now I gottah go look up API, I always knew it as the petroleum institute. OK I found it What is database API? (Application Programming Interface) A language and message format used by an application program to communicate...
  6. frank8003

    Headlights flash with turn signals

    inside left front fender is #69 and #96 reversed? Do you have that PDF? But all the lights actually illuminate when it "happens" with the left signal? Were the police working on it?
  7. frank8003

    FL Keystock, lots of keystock $100.

    See notes. All this key stock has to go. $100 free shipping to SS. This is $100 to PayPal as a gift to in Paypal. It goes shipped priority tracking mail. Anybody want it as is? over 17 foot of Key Stock It is will be on the eBay too but for $125
  8. frank8003

    members map

    OK I gave up I know We got them Where the heck is the members map?
  9. frank8003

    New deuce owner seeking advice

    Reading thru my notes I found interesting filter and grease data for you to read. " Testing revealed that BLG provided excellent field performance compared to the G-version grease. The testers observed no sign of biodegradation in the lubrication systems during operation, indicating that BLG...
  10. frank8003

    Another CUCV accident

    Golly She ain't gonnah last forever, even if you heart is broken Just fix it in the Yard and take the check
  11. frank8003

    M998 with helmet top fitting in a 7ft Garage door.

    ........and where is the pitchers? We love pitchers. Take some photos when She goesintah Your garage. It will fit.
  12. frank8003

    Fuel return lines

    Correct fix is to repair replace to as if it was New and You were just building it first time but better than they did. I had "temporary-better" fixes on things that were still there working good when they tore down the plant 23 years later.. You doin good.
  13. frank8003

    Looking at a Deuce, Has Some Issues

    The term is "dust boots" and that is what they are for. They are not grease boots. See TM,s. remove the proper plug and see if any grease comes out. Grease destroys boots. See the hex driven plug that should be removed for greasing. Just put in some GAA and remember that not all grease will mix...
  14. frank8003

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Squish washers are to seal then no leaks. They CAN be reused but the last guy to install over torqued them severely. It is expendable parts as in the TM's which states to replace with new when removed. They are "special". Can be found in TM's, helicopter and aircraft and tank parts. I knew a...
  15. frank8003 you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    With aircraft like that I don't need no stinkin runways
  16. frank8003

    Big problems - my shaking was a broken crankshaft!

    Wood ruff key is to hold things in alignment during assembly. Long and over-sized Keys are to hold Her together. The Wood ruff will not hold against failure of harmonic balancer or internal engine damage. Woodriff is for assembly purposes. You did good...
  17. frank8003 you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    Relax It gets much better One controlling lift over drag is the best....... controlling momentum.... This is just cruising around with nice craft Imagine going to WAR with props almost in the Sea Where does one think all those people got trained........
  18. frank8003

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    put new Squish sealing washers if you gonnah keep Her TM says to discard and put new It is a directive. Do You want that information?
  19. frank8003

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Now that is really nice...................
  20. frank8003

    Converting a regular bed to drop side

    Just buy what it is You need/want and be done with it. 60 to 120 bucks and hour to build it and won't be stock.
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