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  1. Hookin1

    humvee owners

    Looking for humvee owners in the midwest, who would'nt mind renting there humvee for a movie
  2. Hookin1

    Pulling out the LCVP

    Pulling the LCVP from the LST 325 for winter storage will have new picks of putting it back in saturday
  3. Hookin1

    Howard Hammonds

    Stopped by hammands today I regret to inform everyone but there is no more military equipment there. Everything has been scrapped,what is left is some containers and a few m109 boxes other than that the place is empty. But I may have a new place not to far away from hammonds. try to get down...
  4. Hookin1

    Mvpa convention 2009

    It's a done deal guys, 2009 mvpa convention in Evansville,IN Aug, 5-9th 2009. It will be held at the 4-h fairgrounds where the anuall frog follies are held. Now i have giving you plenty of time to prepare so no wimping out on me alright......There will be alot of other events too.... Also i...
  5. Hookin1

    MVPA convention 2009?

    Hi everyone First sorry hav'nt been around alot. Next we are trying to get the mvpa convention here in Evansville,IN for 2009. I am working with Gary and Kenny from the LST325 (which is also a member of the mvpa) we are shooting for 2009...fingers if you would like to flood the...
  6. Hookin1

    M52 questions

    Okay guys i got the 5ton running and then moving today...just around the yard(has no brakes aua ) I will be swapping it to a diesel as the intake and exhaust manifolds are cracked. So my questions are....... 1 It looks like i have an airline running to the t-case....what is it? 2 since it...
  7. Hookin1

    I made it!!!!!

    I finally made it in to the big boys section :cookoo: :jumpin: [thumbzup] :grd: M52 gasser bought from eddiec.....and a dolly i drug home from buddy's But i'm gonna need a bigger doghouse aua
  8. Hookin1

    road trip to Howards

    Okay it is now 0745 and i am fixing to head out the door to go to howards/buddy's......i have my list with me(from all of our wonderful people on this site)if any oone else needs me to look for can get ahold of mangus or dave p...some other people have my cell phone number...
  9. Hookin1

    Road trip oct 10

    Well you know how we will do anything for a reason to drive our will be making a run from Evansville,in to Terrahaute,in about 100mi one way.....Goint to pick up some cardboard drums for a local church organization......of course they are getting more than the duece...
  10. Hookin1

    Howard Hammonds

    Okay guys eddie ran down there sunday....i hate to say this but buddy is scraping....eddie said just about everything is going...he has already scrapped a bunch of the trucks along the main road behind the shop.....eddie said he is clearing it out....and he is not being picky about what he is...
  11. Hookin1

    Deuce in the mud

    Posted some photo's in the photo section under 6 wheeling....went with some friends out 4 wheeling....only posted the duece shots...enjoy :D
  12. Hookin1

    Torque rods and bushings

    First can you tell if the bushing is bad????second question is there any kind of adjustment on these???? I know it's probably been discussed b-4 but i have'nt found it
  13. Hookin1

    Shorty truck for sale Sorry could'nt resist :D
  14. Hookin1

    The wrecker you always wanted
  15. Hookin1

    Tranny build and install

    Okay i got the tranny back together(i took pics) :) I'll post the pics when i can get them off the camera......i will be listing the part numbers for the bearings and seals. sort of in a hurry right now...trying to get it together for haspin :)
  16. Hookin1

    Tranny gears

    Thinking about talking to a machine shop and seeing if they can bore out the gears in the tranny so i can put roller bearing in it.......what do you think?
  17. Hookin1

    another trans question

    Okay i pulled the trans out of my duece,first the input shaft was leaking,i pulled the front input shaft cover plate(forgot what it's called)the thingie the throw out bearing(need new one) rides has three groves on the inside closest to the trans,is there supposed to be some kind of seal...
  18. Hookin1

    Look what i drug home

    Okay,okay don't laugh too hard :P ....I found this m715 rotting away and just had too save it :) It needs quite a bit of work body wise,but mechanical wise it is in good shape. I don't know much about these,but all the levers work for the transfer and trans,the 4 tires hold air [thumbzup] but...
  19. Hookin1

    Desert Rats Dump truck

    Had to work this morning :cry: So i'm getting a late start,hope to leave by 1300(for mike :mrgreen: )1:00pm for everone else [thumbzup] I'll get picks and if i have problems i imagine edddie will take plenty of pics,if he has to come get me.Oh by the way 14 degrees and snow.............lovely!
  20. Hookin1

    Deuce Starter

    I just bought a starter for my duece.Bought it through Carquest Auto Parts,since my wife works there i got it at cost.Her are the prices and the part number if anyone else needs it. MFG>part number HEL 72-3948S List price 307.36 Net 153.68 Core 60.00
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