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  1. Sgt Jiggins

    Dropside bed to fit an M35

    Looking for a drop side bed to put on my M35. Not meaning to be picky, but in decent/serviceable shape is preferred.
  2. Sgt Jiggins

    SEE passenger side foot peg

    Looking for a SEE passenger side foot peg in decent shape.
  3. Sgt Jiggins

    M35A3 dual fuel tank setup

    Hello, Just finished mounting 395/85R20s and an electric fuel pump on the M35A3. Which left me without a reasonable way of putting the spare in the original location. But... plenty of room to hang a 2nd fuel tank. Anyone done this? I can see taking the return line down the driver's side...
  4. Sgt Jiggins

    best location to tap accessory switched power in M35A3

    Howdy, Just hooked up an electric fuel pump on an M35A3 and am looking for the right place to hook the trigger wire for the relay. I pulled the accessory switch out of the dash and saw the 4 packard connectors coming out - that's so dang tight in there, there must be a better way?? Thanks, SJ/JD
  5. Sgt Jiggins

    VA: M35A3 fuel tank

    Hello, Looking for an M35A3 fuel tank. Preferably in VA area. Thanks, SJ/JD
  6. Sgt Jiggins

    Anybody have any aftermarket M35A* LED headlights they particularly like?

    Considering putting LED headlights in my M35A3 and thought I ask folks if they had any that they particularly liked and why? Beam pattern? Cut-offs (to not blind oncoming traffic), ...? Thanks!
  7. Sgt Jiggins

    CAT 3116 initial startup hints/tips

    Hi All, Been a bit of a slow, heavy process working through getting the M35A3 back on the road. Now that decent tires (and brakes) are on the truck, it's time to turn to the engine. Does anybody have any suggestions/thoughts/tips on what it takes/what to watch out for? I have a diesel...
  8. Sgt Jiggins

    MEP-802/3 noco charger placement

    Hi All, Somewhere on here I came across a thread where someone mounted a noco gen2m inside their MEP-802/3. Of course the great google isn't being of much assistance on this matter. So, before I reinvent the wheel, I thought I'd ask a couple/few questions: Where have other seen fit to mount...
  9. Sgt Jiggins

    MRAP run flats on M35A3 wheels?

    All: Is it a thing to put MRAP run flats in 395/85R20s and run them on M35A3 wheels? Cheers, SJ/JD
  10. Sgt Jiggins

    M35A3 bead lock suggestions

    Hello All, For those of us who are still struggling to find where Soldier B disappeared to... I (along with couple buddies) was able to get a M35A3 tire mounted the other week. But man, it was no small effort to get that bead lock installed. Even with copious amounts of tire lube. Which...
  11. Sgt Jiggins

    Proper gear/range for using front bucket for excavation

    Hello All, I saw a thread the other day- that of course I can't now find- talking about which gears/range were best to use when using the front bucket for excavation. Something about contact/interference causing damage to (something?). Since I'm about to embark on a big of digging, I...
  12. Sgt Jiggins

    M35A3 Allison 653 - has anyone done it?

    M35A3 Allison 643 - has anyone done it? Hello, I've arrived at a crossroads with my M35A3: after spending time the past few weeks, and with several quality folks throwing their shoulder behind the effort, it's turned out that the front pump I need for the Allison 1545 in my truck is apparently...
  13. Sgt Jiggins

    M35 locking hubs question

    Howdy, While specing some lockout hubs for the front of my M35, I ran across mention of a locking hub installed on the middle axle on an M35A2. As in, the one side of the truck, on the front of the two rear axles. Is this a thing? Thanks, SJ
  14. Sgt Jiggins

    M35A3 and M105A2 from NoVA to SoVA

    Hello All, I didn't want to put the "H-word" in the title, but I could use some help: I have an M35A3 and an M105A2 in Northern VA that I need to get moved to Southern VA. It's about 175 miles. The tenant where the truck and trailer are located is vacating and the landlord will want it gone...
  15. Sgt Jiggins

    hunting for Allison 1545 front pump

    Hello All, I recently acquired an M35A3. The transmission went out for a rebuild because of the typical 4th/reverse scenario. All is done - with the exception of tracking down a new front pump. Anybody have any leads on one? I've tried Defeo and Drapco so far with no luck. Thank you, SJ
  16. Sgt Jiggins

    M35A3 :: to CTIS or not to CTIS...

    Howdy Folks, Recently purchased an M35A3 - my first A3, but not my first M35. I know some of what to look for with this truck, but some of it... right now, I need to swap out the dry rotted tires. I found the stickied PDF in the TMs section discussing how to swap out tires/work on the...
  17. Sgt Jiggins

    802A instrument panel light swapout to leds

    Hello All, Bought 3 red LEDs (from fleabay) to replace the 3 green incandescent instrument panel bulbs. It would seem that Heman himself put those bulb covers/shades on. Last night I soaked them down with PB blaster. I haven't yet attempted to remove them again, but after referring to TM...
  18. Sgt Jiggins

    802A cooling

    Howdy, While looking at my 802a running the other day, I noticed 2 things: the temp gauge was non-functional (needle at 7 o'clock position) and the coolant bottle was low. Famous last words: the temp gauge "was working last time I fired it up". I checked the radiator (full) and added a bit...
  19. Sgt Jiggins

    robustness of 802A alternator

    Howdy Folks, While figuring out how and where to station my MEP-802A at my house, I began wondering about the 24v alternator. How robust is it? Would it be able to charge 2x 200AH AGM batteries in 24v series reasonably? Is the alternator going to be 'kind' to the AGM battery or will it...
  20. Sgt Jiggins

    windshield heater popping fuses

    Hello All, It's summertime (at least in this hemisphere) so that means longer days of SEE work/play time. While in the cab the other day waiting on the SEE to warm up, I discovered that activating the windshield heater instantly pops the fuse. Before I go dumpster diving on this one, I'm...
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