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  1. silverstate55

    USMC the end of the tanks

    In Desert Shield/Desert Storm, the deep sands quickly bogged all wheeled vehicles except for the LVS (it was able to snake its way through the deep sands). Our M60A1s and tracked engineer vehicles spent hours towing wheeled vehicles of all types out of the deep sands, especially on beaches...
  2. silverstate55

    USMC the end of the tanks

    I feel like a part of my past was erased...this breaks my heart. USMC M60A1 (RISE-Passive)
  3. silverstate55

    m35 fuel pump

    A long-term solution might mean going out of your way, but will be worth it if you plan on keeping your truck for many years. Since it’s a gas engine, I recommend not using any more ethanol-tainted’s not meant for older vehicles as you can see and it causes many more problems than...
  4. silverstate55

    United States of Freight (USF - Site Sponsor) Kudos!

    Just wanted to give a solid THUMBS-UP to Nick at United States of Freight....I highly recommend using USF to move military vehicles and equipment, because if you’re using a broker service like uShip, you’re doing it wrong! Nick is fantastic to deal with and handles every little detail for you...
  5. silverstate55

    Tandem trailer using M105 axles build

    That should work quite nicely, can’t wait to see build pics!
  6. silverstate55

    Tandem trailer using M105 axles build

    I’ve got some future trailer projects & upgrades I’d love to tackle someday & have been really fascinated by Australian off-road adventure/overland trailers. The suspensions on these are quite fascinating and Pinterest has LOTS of ideas & inspiration. Here are some air bag & coil spring ideas...
  7. silverstate55

    M931a2 cooling issue

    I second what the good CSM just posted...flush it with Cascade dishwasher detergent thoroughly to clean out as much crud as you can....followed with a good flush with distilled water to clear out the detergent, then drain once clear and refill with the green low-silicate coolant.
  8. silverstate55

    Coolant component builds

    Pinterest has all kinds of pics of homemade tools to make your own crimped/rolled ends on coolant pipes & other projects.
  9. silverstate55

    Artisan's M916

    For my trailers I like the all-metal stubbies, but YMMV. If you’re using the cheaper Chinese tires that only last 4-5 years, then I’d go with the cheapest valve stems available as the tires won’t outlast them.
  10. silverstate55

    M923A2 Radiator Scale

    As I understood it, on older diesels (939-series & older), it is best to use Low-Silicate formulated coolant, typically green, and add the NAPA filter with SCAs in it once the system is flushed. @Elijah95 showed that you might want to change your coolant filter shortly after a flush! Newer...
  11. silverstate55

    All 5-tons: Heavy Duty Torque Rod Ends

    I would highly recommend checking Harbor Freight for a 20% off coupon and get a 20-ton press from them; it’s not that much $$$ really for the use you’ll get out of great for pressing out wheel studs as well!
  12. silverstate55

    Artisan's M916

    If I hadn’t known you were a plumber, I’d say that you were a plumber.... LOL! My favorite is when I am trying to break Budd thimbles loose, and break off the square portion on the end of the outer Budd nut & break out the welder (weld nut to thimble), and off it comes once...
  13. silverstate55

    6CTA Thermostat housing coolant leak

    Since most of these trucks run 10w oil in the power steering system, are you sure it’s engine oil and not power steering oil? I had an issue with my PS pump leaking in the same spot; I replaced every hose & replaced the pump reservoir O-rings, but it still leaked from the bottom of the...
  14. silverstate55

    6CTA Thermostat housing coolant leak

    Cascade dishwasher detergent (for use in dishwashers, other soaps will suds up too much) and distilled water. Heat it up good by driving her around and let it sit for a day, then flush with fresh water/distilled water. If that doesn‘t get all the rust out, then do a flush with 50/50 mix of...
  15. silverstate55

    Artisan's M916

    Outstanding work Brad!! She looks great! (y)
  16. silverstate55

    Shooting with Rapco- Tips?

    Enamels, whether oil-based or alkyds, typically take up to 3 weeks to fully cure or harden (“gas out”). Whenever I shoot an enamel, I try to let it harden for a month before I do any work with it (whether color-sanding or just assembling), whenever possible.
  17. silverstate55

    Artisan's M916

    That’s one of many things on my To-Do list for my 920. Great job Brad, looking better than new so far!
  18. silverstate55

    Oregon members?

    Tap on member’s username in left column; a pop up box should appear, click on “Start Conversation.” Just like you’re sitting in bed with your PJs on, holding a cup of decaf. (Let’s see who gets the reference rofl)
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