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  1. MJCougler

    HMMWV Wheel Adapters/Spacers??

    The simple answer is to order the OD inner/outer wheel powder coat option re-centered HUMMER rims, mount your tires on them, and try to sell the rims outright. I did not opt for the rock rings. From: If you call them...
  2. MJCougler

    save M715 original or making it practical ?

    I bought my stock 24v M725 that was once a Fire Department acquired vehicle for a Civil Defense role. I tried to keep it stock. I chose to "military-mod" it with re-centered HUMMER rims and tires, a custom-built "military-look" rear tire carrier/bumper, a pair of black Chrysler stow-and-go...
  3. MJCougler

    USAF M715s

    When I was stationed in Bremerhaven Germany at the LORAN Site, '78-81, the 606 TCS had an OD green M725 parked in front of their HQ building. They had two medical technicians on staff that screened personel for medical treatment, and they deployed whenever they did a "rally-round-the-flagpole"...
  4. MJCougler

    Old Willys..Military.

    If you are talking about the u-bolt nuts, I call it stronger than snug...
  5. MJCougler

    How many M715's are there?

    Metexaco, Your M725 "page" has a picture of an M725 with a plywood door between the front and the back. Mine also has a plywood door. Was that how they came from the factory?
  6. MJCougler

    M715 wheels

    GimpyRobb, What do you mean? You said: "Don't get those with the 8 bolts holding the rim together, they blow beads alot. Do some searching for Hmmvw 8bolt rims!" I have HUMMER re-centered wheels from TrailworthyFab com. Custom Hummer Wheels They have 8-bolts holding the rim together, with a...
  7. MJCougler

    M715 wheels

    m715 Wheels Bob, Do you need to purchase M715 rims to have a stock of centers? If so, let us know. I may have four split rims to sell you that I could leave in Goldsboro NC for you in August.
  8. MJCougler

    Where to get Michelin XL and XML family tires?

    Used HUMMER Tires Steel Soldiers There is a government surplus reseller in Albemarle NC selling NEW (>90% tread) HUMMER tires for $250 each, plus shipping. Call him 704-983-5940. I drove down there on my Easter break when I visited my daughters in Goldsboro NC. I bought 5 for $1250 on my Visa...
  9. MJCougler

    Vacuum advance for civilian distributor on a stock M725 engine

    Vacuum advance for civilian distributor on a stock 1920 carb on an M725 engine Again, I have a civilian distributor on a military engine. I have a newly rebuilt 1-barrel Holly 1920 carburetor. Newer 1920 carbs have a vacuum port to tap off the vacuum for the vacuum advance. See link below...
  10. MJCougler

    Where to get Michelin XL and XML family tires?

    BJ?s > Tires > Tire Info Center LT315/75R16 Size Tires | BFGoodrich Tires LT345/75R16 Size Tires | BFGoodrich Tires LT365/75R16 Size Tires | BFGoodrich Tires
  11. MJCougler

    Vacuum advance for civilian distributor on a stock M725 engine

    I have a civilian distributor on a military engine. I have the 1-barrel Holly 1920 carburetor. There is a sticky on about the vacuum advance for the 2-barrel carb. It is a nice write-up, but it does not help me. The fire department mechanic tied the vacuum advance line to a "T"...
  12. MJCougler

    Winch price check please

    M715 parts Yes, this is a good "find". Go also to M715 Zone - Powered by vBulletin and see how many 715 owners there are on this site. They also have a "for sale" forum. Winch alone is worth $1 to 1.5 K. Many parts are hard to find. Good luck! Right now I'm trying to get my M725...
  13. MJCougler

    Where to get Michelin XL and XML family tires?

    Tires BJs Wholesale Club is like Sam's Club.
  14. MJCougler

    Where to get Michelin XL and XML family tires?

    Tires Do you have a BJs near you? They gave me a quote recently for my M725. BF Goodrich recently added a "rock crawler" line, similar in size, but they are very expensive compaired to 16.6 tires that the surplus dealer in Texas is selling.
  15. MJCougler

    Common problem not mentioned on m715,s

    bcowanwheels, When I brought my M725 home, it had a broken right rear (forward facing) spring mounting post. In removing the spring to fix it, I had serious problems getting the spring off. It seems the spring mounting posts and shackles were never greased and had seized-up. Now, in trying...
  16. MJCougler

    m 715 park lights

    turn signal lights for an M725 What kind of lights are we talking about. My M725 has turn signal lights that the FD installed sticking out of the side of the front fender. I need to remove them and would like a light that fits in the light hole just inside the headlights. What was there on a...
  17. MJCougler

    Finished up my latest build ( pic,s.

    M715/M725 tires and rims bcowanwheels, Two questions: Do you still have the M725 fuel filler hose? I need to purchase one. Or, do you know how to make a steel bent pipe to adapt to the tank and to the filler tube neck? Who sells fuel resistant 4-1/4" and 3" hose to join the two? Home...
  18. MJCougler

    Need some tire options for the M715

    M725M725 Tires Wolf.Dose, Possibly you know the answer to the dilemma Grantshire and I share : You said that 285/85R16 is the the proper replacement for the original 9.00-16. Commercially here in New York the biggest tires I can easily find for my M725 are 315/85r16s and they're about...
  19. MJCougler

    Need some tire options for the M715

    Big tires Do an e-bay search for "military Tires". Many pop-up. I just don't know how to tell how old they are (susceptible to dry-rot). There were four new 1100x16.5s in Fl, $600 with $195 shipping. Bidding ended an hour ago.
  20. MJCougler

    M725 gear ratio

    Hello, I’m new and interested in purchasing an M725 ambulance. Everything I’ve read on e-bay or other sites says that the truck is geared down with a top speed of about 50 MPH. I did several searches but could not find out any information about how hard is it to swap out the gearing to at...
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