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  1. Torisco

    Rt-12/trc-2 radio wwii vintage

    I have acquired a RT-12/TRC-2 labeled radio that appears to be complete and in really great condition. In researching what I need to see if the radio will work I received the following information "Take the Receiver out of the chassis and look for a small battery colored green, that is either...
  2. Torisco

    M43 stubborn oil leak. Any ideas will be appreciated

    I have a oil leak on my M43 ambulance that appears to be coming from the front of the engine around or very near to the timing cover front pulley area. I have dismantled the front end of this vehicle three times to replace the front timing cover seal. 1st time = replace timing cover seal...
  3. Torisco

    We may have a WC 41 here?

    My brother has wanted a Dodge Flat Fender to restore for some time now. He wanted a WW2 vehicle. Well, since he and I have done so much together with the current vehicles...the purchase of this 1942 Dodge flat fender should be an adventure. We are picking up the truck in the middle of April...
  4. Torisco

    B.S. Army Air Force trailer

    Just a fun short project that I wanted to share. I rebuilt a Kawasaki Trailer that was rotted out and rusty and made a B.S> Army Air Force Trailer out of it to carry my 1943 Model 30 Army Air Force Flight line vehicle. (picture attached). I can use it as a stake side or flatbed so it gets used...
  5. Torisco

    1943 GPW distance measurement needed

    Can anyone provide me with the distance shown by the red line in the photo (bottom of steering wheel to top of seat frame bottom). I believe the jeep I am restoring has had the steering column moved as I have to stuff myself in to get into the drivers seat with a 1" bottom cushion. Or, my beer...
  6. Torisco

    Question regarding manual tandem Windshield / wiper parts.

    The TM shows part number 7069272 with N&P No 454602 as the "collar" assembly for a MB/GPW tandem hand windshield wiper assembly and 7069274 with N&P no. 454603 as the "lock" for the same assembly. I am gathering parts for a 1943 GPW restore and am looking for any help I can get to find these...
  7. Torisco

    Old Military vehicle locomotion trials

    I thought it would be interesting to see some of the methods tried out for military vehicle locomotion in the past. I like the cylindrical tires by Firestone for the Willys MB to use in jungle terrain during WW2, and the MB / GPW WW2 Jeep halftrack to mention a couple.
  8. Torisco

    Purchased a 1943 Ford GPW

    I just purchased this 1943 Ford GPW. Only surface rust on body and tub. No dents or accidents, bucket has light surface rust only and is solid thru out. Windshield is intact, has original data plates, and a unique PTO shifter for rear of the jeep output. Also civilian tires and rims with the...
  9. Torisco

    Restoration Thread for M32 w/sidecar WW2 AAF Flight Line untility vehicle

    Restoration of Model 32 w/sidecar WW2 AAF Flight Line untility vehicle Just purchased a 1943 Model 32 Cushman scooter and bent up side car frame in pieces for restoration. It will end up being a WW2 Army Air Force Flight Line utility, maintenance vehicle. Cushman supplied the model 32 with...
  10. Torisco

    Question: M37, M43 Flywheel.

    Anyone know where I can get the flywheel bolts washers and nuts for the M37, M43 230C.I. engine flywheel. Also, can these bolts be removed and replaced from underneath the vehicle with only the inspection covers removed? I could find no reference in the manual. Bolt part no 7410992 NSN...
  11. Torisco

    Can towing with the rear driveshaft connected cause case or transmission failure?

    If a M37 or M43 is towed for any distance at 50-55 MPH with the rear driveshaft connected to the differential, will there be cause for a transfer case or transmission problem? After a M43 was towed that way it ended up with a growling noise in the transmission back of engine area. As if the...
  12. Torisco

    How about a California Steel Soldiers Rally at a great spot?

    The Southern Calif S.S. rally in spring and fall is a great desert event to try out your vehicles, have a little fireworks fun, and enjoy a great group of guys camping out. LODI California is up in Northern California and has a Spring and Fall meet at the Tower Park K.O.A. campgrounds. They...
  13. Torisco

    AN/VIC 1 System TM's

    There are five TM's for the AN/VIC-1 AM1780 Systems for the TM section on Steel Soldiers There is one AN/VIC 3 System manual as well. 6 TM's total.
  14. Torisco

    RT524, Vic 1 & H161 headsets hear massive interference

    How do I get rid of noise on radio/Vic1 when convoy lights are on? I installed two conoy strobe lights on deuce. When I have the radio on and am monitoring or keying up I can loudly hear the strobe lights going on and off in the headsets and RT524 speaker. It is a real noisy pain in the rear...
  15. Torisco

    VIC-1 Power indicator lamp question.

    First: I searched several ways and went thru many results and could not find a VIC-1 power lamp thread. Can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement bulb for the VIC-1 intercom power indicator lamp assembly? The flow chart tells me I have a bad bulb, or a bad AM1780 power circuit, or a bad...
  16. Torisco

    Winch clutch sliding key thanks!

    My thanks to KATAHDIN, M16TY, GRINGELTAUBE, DOGHEAD AND XTSIX for helping with suggestions to removre sliding clutch key for winch. I chewed off 25% of one key and mangled the end of another (se e pictures) The problem I have now is that after replacing all seals, and all bushings-bearings...
  17. Torisco

    New Data Plate Source

    Will make anything you want in the way of a data plate so long as you provide a sample of the dimensions, colors, lettering, and hole spacing if you want them to make the holes for you. (I told them I would make my own holes) I tried "parts wanted" in the SS classified, MV Data plates on the...
  18. Torisco

    Winch Help! Need Ideas on how to remove clutch sliding keys from winch

    Winch Need Ideas on how to remove clutch sliding keys from winch TM 9-2320-209-34-2-3, Chapter 18, page 18-6, Frame 5, step 2. See attached page. I cannot get the sliding clutch keys out that are shown in the attachment. ANY TRICKS?, SUGGESTIONS, HOW TO'S, OR SPECIAL TOOLS? I tried...
  19. Torisco

    Help! Bled the air assist slave brake cylinder Instant no brakes

    Bled the air assist slave brake cylinder Instant no brakes I changed the front axle boots and had to remove the two brake lines from the wheel cylinders. During the boot replacement I inspected all brake components, then adjusted the brakes and bled the two wheel cylinders on the front of the...
  20. Torisco

    Restoration of M43 by first time MV buyer

    I will be posting the restoration work I jave done on a M43 I purchased. I am about to finish the exterior and thought I would begin this thread for those who want pictures, pictures, pictures. Its not a deuce (I also bouighta M35A2 that I need to finish) but it sure required a lot of work to...
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