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  1. duffman1993

    Need Help Finding a pinz.

    I have been interested in the MV hobby for a long time but just recently, I've come to like the look and capability of a Pinz and I'd like to find one. I don't know where to begin but I'd like to get it tarted. My folks and I want a joint project and I figured since they want one REALLY BAD, I'd...
  2. duffman1993

    I have a bed problem.

    I have a 1977 Jeep J10 with the 360 AMC and the 4 speed. I got it from my mom, who got it from her grandfather. (family vehicle) It's all original but there in lies the problem. It was driven for most of it's life in Montana and the bed is starting to rust out in places. Not to mention the big...
  3. duffman1993

    Power tool help

    Ok, this isn't anything MV related but I have searched all over and can't find anything. I have a Craftsman Model No. 900.11222 12 volt Cordless Multi-Tool. It's a power drill, jig saw, sander combo. i need to find new batteries and a battery charger. Does anybody know where I should look?? If...
  4. duffman1993

    Grease nipples for the tail gate

    I did a little searching and didn't find anything so I have to ask. Has anybody put grease tits on the hinge for the tail gate?? I thought it was a good idea cuz if you grease em, they don't rust and they don't seize up. Plus it' a good way to keep dirt & grime out of em. Just wondering...
  5. duffman1993

    dumb fuel question

    I just got a hold of gasoline mixed with aviation fuel, about 3 gallons worth. (Some dumb ass put it in a forklift when the forklift runs on straight gasoline, dad brought it home for me) My question is, if diluted in enough diesel fuel, would it be safe to burn in a deuce? like a ratio of one...
  6. duffman1993

    Not seeing pictures!!!!

    I have spoken with a few other people on this site and we have come to the conclusion that something is wrong. We have tried restarting our computers, using different browsers, and running virus scans on our computers and we still can't see the pics. I wanted to see if others are having this...
  7. duffman1993

    non turbo conversion???

    I found a deuce with a nn turbo multifuel. I was wondering how much it would cost to convert it to C turbo. I have a list that somebody gave me as to what parts I would need, but I wanted other peoples opinions. Has anybody on here done this kind of work, what is really involved in the...
  8. duffman1993

    Hill AFB advice

    Has anybody here picked up anything from Hill AFB?? if so, do you guys have any tips as to what we should do. We may be buying something off of GL from them. any advice would be nice. Thanks troops.:grd:
  9. duffman1993

    Jeep ideas

    I know this isn't exactly a military vehicle problem but I could use some help. I have a 1977 Jeep J10 non military pickup. (War monger) I'm going to be re-building it and it's engine. It has the 360 V8 with the 4 speed stick. EVERYTHING is stock. other then a broadside dent on the left side...
  10. duffman1993

    the bottom of the barrel

    I have seen lately that GL has started to push out low quality deuces. they have been pushing the ones with parts missing and rust every ware. Like, the last 4 deuces I looked at all had missing gauge panels. Is GL scraping the bottom of the barrel? I can guarantee that i won't have enough money...
  11. duffman1993

    Well, I finnaly got a deuce!!!

    I wish!! I have a "Academy Hobby Model Kits" U.S. M35 2.5ton Cargo truck Model. Desert sand color. It's small though. It's 1/72 scale. the tires are half an inch acrost. I'll have pictures of it soon.
  12. duffman1993

    M936 video

    I found this on the side of the freeway. Cool huh, I wish I had the money to get one but my money tree is on back order aua
  13. duffman1993


    Generator Help Can anyone tell me what year, or around what year this generator is.
  14. duffman1993


    Just out of dumb curiosity, the M811 is a generator truck right? If not, someone let me know. thanks.
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