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  1. W427

    Diesel tank over fill

    @IMP - in my study of dual-tanks for other reasons, and in a general sense, dual-tank switching valves may fail or operate improperly for several reasons. Common among these are electrical switch/wiring, valve /solenoid failure or sticking, and incorrect connections. Online references to...
  2. W427

    M1161/M1163/M1164(trailer) Documents

    The diagram being updated here may be of help. I'm not sure of the meaning of you quote, but we know much more about the program than RetiredWarHorses mistakenly assumed in January. How this relates to the TM Service Manual is that the platform was experimental and not obsolete, the TM...
  3. W427

    Growler Paint

    Attached is the mix for a QUART of FS 34094 / 383 / NATO / CARC green in Behr Ultra at Home Depot, using their own lookup system. The mix numbers are different for each size and paint base.
  4. W427

    TM 2320-OR/B, Rev 2, Oct 2012

    @SLC - Unfortunately, no. The TM in this thread is a field-operator's manual. Effectively, if it is beyond changing a bulb, battery or light fixture, it refers the operator to maintenance for service. Not a lot of technical info, and AFAIK we are still looking for the service manual for that...
  5. W427

    MWM diesel?

    After researching the hell out of these and owning them, and although it's off-topic for the MWM Engine subject title, I'll only respond by saying that much of the info thrown around is "questionable", to put it politely. So, take it all with a grain of salt. Some claims are true, some not...
  6. W427

    Changing The Growler Tires

    Set-up for the ITVs, these wheels use a full-width (bead-to-bead) bead-lock insert and run-flat rib. I haven't had mine apart, but it doesn't appear there should be any O-ring issues needing lube. That said, it also wouldn't hurt anything to use it or preservative for the O-ring rubber.
  7. W427

    Growler rim/wheel O-ring

    Some info on our 2-piece wheels that might be helpful here.
  8. W427

    Looking for a debugging/trouble shooting manual for the M1161/M1163?

    @SLC - you want the file "ITV_FUSES-TM 2320-OR-B.pdf" in this post. Also, a convenient printable fuse cover label is here. Both you and @BFGOrdnance should get the Operator's Manual (TM 2320-OR/B, almost 600 pages) using the info in this post. Email only, please do not call them, and with COVID...
  9. W427

    Growler Air compressors

    There is only one compressor. If you hear it run (you can't miss the loud piston pump), then it's hopefully pressurizing the air tank. The pressure switch is approximately 80 psi ON and 100 psi OFF. [EDIT] I am waiting for a reply from Wilspec for the specifications of the original pressure...
  10. W427

    Growler Tire alignment

    "Ride" position on the suspension height control panel is specified for normal use. The height should have the little black marks on the edges of the wheel wells even with the tops of the tires. That said, I am aligning one of mine at a lower height (approximately half-way between full-drop...
  11. W427

    Growler Air compressors

    It provides approximately 80 to 100 psig of air pressure from its tank for 1) Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS), 2) suspension air bladders (air bags), and 3) a quick-disconnect air fitting for general compressed-air use. If the compressor system is functioning and the controllers are...
  12. W427

    TM 2320-OR/B, Rev 2, Oct 2012

    If you want to punish GrowlerMe, then order the manual. It is almost 600 pages of double-sided full-color printing packed into a binder, for $15. They are taking a loss doing that, so the more you order, the more you hit their bottom-line. Me? I'll take mine from the only source with legal...
  13. W427

    Axle shafts

    Agreed. It appears both center differential housings are early-mid-2000s Explorer rear units, the front using reverse-rotation gears. Also appearing the outer CV (overlapping years F-150/F-250/Expedition), hub ('00-'04 F-150) and knuckle ('97-'04 Ford F-150/Expedition), and of course the CV...
  14. W427

    MWM diesel?

    Agreed, and what I described is specifically for the ITV engine/trans/flexplate/ring gear/adapter combination. @fuzzpuss: In configuring starters, the adapter (if necessary), drive gear number of teeth, diameter and length are affected by factors such as the flexplate used, ring gear diameter...
  15. W427

    Axle shafts

    No problem — I was just inquiring if you could. I don't want to assume your purpose. I understand the position of strengthening an item that breaks, if that is your purpose. I am not arguing, only inquiring, but if it helps to explain why I'm asking; I learned many expensive lessons in...
  16. W427

    Axle shafts

    Will you make the axles available? I would request a different axle alloy, something a bit more generic with less ultimate strength, perhaps stock 1040. Would that be possible?
  17. W427

    MWM diesel?

    That is correct, and that is what the adapter is for. See the other linked thread for the service supplement on the starter and the new image of the adapter. Denso starter + adapter = ITV starter assembly. (y)
  18. W427

    Steering tilt repair

    Info: ITV Tilt Steering Adapter
  19. W427

    Axle shafts

    Nice. Are those the modified Porsche 300M axles or your own brew? [EDIT] Oops, never-mind. Just saw your other post.
  20. W427

    MWM diesel?

    If it helps, there is more info on the starter here. The starter appears to be relatively inexpensive and easy, but it's the nose adapter that you need to make it work.
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