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  1. UncleSam

    Current draw M1009 dead short ??

    What is the acceptable (if any) current draw on a M1009? I've checked my and I'm getting as 5.1 mA reading. Alternator # 2 has been rebuilt and Alt#1 has been replaced with a know good alternator. I wasn't sure if the GP Module or some other module in the M1009 would cause that draw or not..
  2. UncleSam

    Seat Belt Light staying on

    I've just replace my GP Module and have gotten all dash light working as they should, but now my seat belt warning light stays on after I start the engine, it work correctly for awhile, but now it's not. It goes off when I turn the key to off, it comes on when I turn the key on, and start the...
  3. UncleSam

    CUCV Wiring Diagram color (except M1010)

    CUCV Wiring Diagrams color (except M1010) I've been working on these, hope they'll help someone. If there needs to be any correction just let me know. I corrected two with warthog's help... Corrected Charging Circuits 09/29/2011
  4. UncleSam

    What Module Is this?

    What module is this? Is it the low coolant module?
  5. UncleSam

    Front Bumper & brush Guard Removal

    I need help removing front bumper and brush guard. Is there an easy way of removing these. I was hoping to remove them and have them straighten, and to get at the nuts with my impact wrench, but looks like going to a problem.aua Maybe removing the braces from the frame would be the way to...
  6. UncleSam

    Fuse to the Glow Plug Module

    In the TM -20 pg 4-31, does the #15 Ign Fuse or #17 Eng Control Fuse control the GP module on M1009?
  7. UncleSam

    Glow Plug Relay Rewiring help needed

    I want to rewire my glow plug relay back to the original setup. But wires have been cut and spliced and I’m not sure where some of them go. There’s one wire coming out through the fire wall with the wiring harness, I need help indentifying, hoping someone can help me and may know what wire goes...
  8. UncleSam

    Howdy from Alabama

    Howdy from NE Alabama, I'm enjoying the forum, [thumbzup] I hope to learn a lot from yall. I just got me a 85 CUCV M1009. Got the dash lights working, and going to start on rewiring the glow plug relay. I want to rewire it back to the way it was in the first place. Someone had it wired with a...
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