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  1. shawnshumvee

    can a 60 amp Alternator be swapped out with a 200 Amp Alternator without any mods?

    Hello. have a quick question. can a 60 amp Alternator be swapped out with a 200 Amp (dual volt) Alternator without any modification. I have a chance to buy one ( really cheap) but i don't know if it will bolt right in and hook up to my electrical? i know the pully has to be swapped from...
  2. shawnshumvee

    Got a issue with my Vic 1

    Got an issue with my passenger headset (i think?). The issues is I can here the driver side head set when it gets spoken into but the driver can’t hear me and I can’t here my self. Is this a bad head set or dirty connections? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. shawnshumvee

    Looking to customize my shifter knob if possible?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to customize my shifter knob and was wondering if it were even possible being an automatic? I searched and haven't found anything so I don't know if it's even possible with the humvee? I was able to customize the transferase shifter knob (piece of Cake) because it resembles...
  4. shawnshumvee

    HUMVEE completely dead! Bad PCB or ????

    Originally posted... Was planning on swapping out my custom Ignition light from a Red to a green one (because it would have just look better) and that's when my issue happened. Last January i installed my own custom keyed kill switch as an alternative to the keyed ignition switches sold on eBay...
  5. shawnshumvee

    Help decoding the ID Numbers & letters on my Humvee Tail gate

    I'm just trying to dig up some info on the history of my Humvee. I have these Letter & number on the back of the tail gate. This is how they read... left side of tail gate i have these numbers and letters: 9 807 MDO and the right side these: 903 MED...
  6. shawnshumvee

    Decals won’t stick to the Humvee,

    I couldn’t find the answer to my question as to why decals won’t stick to the humvee. I bought these M16 Rifle decals (see picture) on eBay and they seemed to be of good quality and pretty sticky?
  7. shawnshumvee

    Engine noise on morning start ups! HMMWV 6.5 GEP

    Hello. I should know this answer but I'm going to throw the question out there anyways. In the mornings my Rig Makes a pretty good noise and then it goes away after about 30 secs. The noise sounds like a machine gun or a maybe a fast knock then it goes away and she is fine all day until the next...
  8. shawnshumvee

    Did you know: Your Humvee already has a Winch! Well Kinda.

    I came across this information and thought i would share it. Not sure if it works but it's pretty neat!
  9. shawnshumvee

    Removing rear shims to get the tires to ride vertical? Good idea?

    I'm thinking on removing my rear shims as i was told this is a good tip to bring the tires back to true or vertical. My tires sit like this now... \-/ and i want then to sit like this... |-| Any fact to this tip? just want to know if it will screw with a lot of stuff?
  10. shawnshumvee

    My M101A3 & I got a question?

    Question? I should know this but i don't. Just wondering what military Vehicle was primarily use to pull the M101A3?
  11. shawnshumvee

    My New Humvee tachometer installed

    Just installed my new tach gauge. Now i can monitor my shift points and idel. I think this is the best location for the gauge. Next upgrade is going to be a VIC-1 intercom set.
  12. shawnshumvee

    HUMVEE Help, Tips and tricks anything!

    HI. My name is Shawn and I'm in Wisconsin. I'm new to this site and forums in general so if I'm doing something right, please bear with me. Now having said that, I have a nice M998 with a 6.5 GEP. it runs great (very hard starting when its cold and when it sat for a few days) She drives good and...
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