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  1. steve6x6x6

    SERVICE BULLETIN: M35A3 Self-Destructed Radiator Fan Threw Blades

    To the M35A3 owners, my truck turned 25 years old and the plastic fan came apart. I was lucky and did not lose my radiator. For piece of mind, replace your fan.
  2. steve6x6x6

    How many need a Detroit locker for LMTV ?

    The wheels have start to turn for a soft Detriot Locker to be made for the LMTV and FMTV for the Meritor RF12 axles. How many out there have looked or thought of one?
  3. steve6x6x6

    M1078 LMTV planetary hub setup

    Working with the FMTV hub it is very important to setup up the clearance of these gears after removing the hub and reinstall. When the bearings are replaced of cleaned and repacked you need to check the gear clearance. I use a tool to check the clearance of these gears, this clamps it down so...
  4. steve6x6x6

    Looking for TM on wheel hub M1078

    Have been looking for the TM on the M1078 wheel hub. Need info. on setup the bevel gear planet. I Have looked at TM 9-2320-36529-20-3 but nothing on this setup.
  5. steve6x6x6

    What is wrong with pic loading?

    I have tryed several times to load pic's and it locks my PC up? Pic loading has change from the way it was last week?
  6. steve6x6x6

    Airsoft pics

    Drove the truck out to the airsoft event in lakeland. These guys are real serious about airsoft, looking good.
  7. steve6x6x6

    4 day event Memorail weekend in Daytona

    I am posting this info. for a 4 day event 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th at the Daytona auto mall. They are looking for deuce and half's and jeeps to set on display for 4 days. Daytona auto mall will donate $5,000.00 to the wounded warriors foundation. They do know this is a short notice and they want...
  8. steve6x6x6

    multifuel "C" turbo on M35A3 ?

    Has anyone tried this? "C" turbo on a cat 3116, M35A3 motor?
  9. steve6x6x6

    Bobbing my M35A3

    Have a good start on bobbing my A3 this week. Burn some spring pads and back the truck in and get started.
  10. steve6x6x6

    charging falling off to the red

    The charging on my M35A3 was in the green , then over time fell into the yellow and now it is on the edge of red. The truck starts right up but very concerned about this. Not sure if it is the alternator or voltage regulator? Did a search but no info on deuce, all CUCV.
  11. steve6x6x6

    My company trucks

    It was time for a family photo.
  12. steve6x6x6

    Leaky CTIS on M35A3

    The wonderfull CTIS on the M35A3, who is the idiot that came up with this retrofit? This is what i found on the rear, the only way to know is in a ( i have some extra rears) destructive test. brake it down, cut the backing plates off. Saw the spindles off, i took a punch and a small hammer...
  13. steve6x6x6

    Transport M35A3 from KS to FL

    Looking for a price on moving a M35A3 from Fort Riley, KS. to winter haven, FL. Should be in about 12 to 14 days.
  14. steve6x6x6

    Won my first A3 on GL today

    I won my first A3 on GL, it is in Kansas and i am in Flordia. Plan on driving it home. It has 1,672 miles and 178 hours. It is a rag top, would like to get a fiberglass top for it and hood.
  15. steve6x6x6

    Need truck inspection jefferson city GL

    I need truck inspection at jefferson city, MO. GL auction.Can anyone help on the 8-16 or 8-17 ? steve
  16. steve6x6x6

    newbi to SS

    I am a newbi to SS, my first 2 1/2 ton truck i got from from GL in april. Picked up some new m105a2 from GL 2 weeks ago.
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