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  1. ranchhopper

    1008 surging problem.

    I finally got my 1008 on the road it has a strange anomaly with the engine I cant figure it out so I will see if anyone else has had this happen. I installed a new IP got the pump from my friends diesel shop he does good work on his rebuilds. I put the pump on and noticed a lot of surging at...
  2. ranchhopper

    Anyone live near the austin texas area?

    I have a set of six 16 inch dually rims that will need to be picked up from the municipal yard in a week or two. I will need them to be put on a pallet which I would be happy to pay for the time and effort then I will arrange for a truck to pick them up any help would be appreciated. If unable...
  3. ranchhopper

    Anybody from the Albertsville, Gadsden Huntsville area

    I'm trying to buy a utility bed for the 1008 I bought a while back I found a good one in Albertsville and wondered if anyone was close enough to give it a look over. I found it on craigslist and am a little uneasy about paying someone for something I have not seen except in pictures and sending...
  4. ranchhopper

    Hi idle doesnt kick down

    My high idle on the 1009 does not kick down even when warm I have it disconnected until I figure what is wrong with it. The plunger seems to stick you can manually push it back in when the truck is warm is there a way to lube them up or should I be looking for a replacement?
  5. ranchhopper

    6.2 oil fill tube grommet

    Does anyone have a PN or source for the oil fill tube grommet I had to change out the IP on this 1008 I just got and they had it siliconed in because they ripped the back flange off of it. I usually get rid of the CDR valve and hoses and take a three foot piece of one inch heater hose and make a...
  6. ranchhopper

    Strange CUCV Gen 1 light issue

    I was going through the search to see if any of the threads covered the generator 1 light issue occurring with the 1009 and none quite matched up. As its gotten colder when I start the truck the gen 1 light lights up when I hit the accelerator the charge gauge jumps up into the green but the...
  7. ranchhopper

    CUCV 24 to 12 volt conversion mess

    I bought a pretty nice 1008 from a NC municipality a while ago it finally made it here this week. They had converted or tried to convert it to 12 volt and its a mess. I had done a few of the Roscommon conversions over the years but you have to use the P/S alternator and remove the D/S side one...
  8. ranchhopper

    1008 starter question

    I finally got my 1008 shipped home from north Carolina and I am pleased with the truck nice and clean has the usual GL forklift dents but a nice truck. I opened the hood and passenger side alternator was gone and all the wires taped up and the batteries were hooked up parallel which one should...
  9. ranchhopper

    Need help moving a 1008 in the wilkesboro NC area

    I bought a 1008 in Wilkesboro NC and am having trouble finding a carrier that's dependable to move it. Things have really changed since having trucks hauled a few years ago. Used to be you dealt directly to the transporter now they go through a middle man who sets up and schedules loads. Its way...
  10. ranchhopper

    Another 6.2 issue bad freeze plug

    I have another issue with the 1009 its leaking a lot of coolant from the back of the engine inside the trans bell housing. I assume the only thing it could possibly be is a rusted freeze plug. I was wondering if anyone had replaced the rear freeze plug while the engine was still in the truck. I...
  11. ranchhopper

    1009 making oil time to swap out engine

    I have a 1009 with an engine losing coolant and seems to be getting into the crankcase. The engine has a lot of blowby which could be caused by the coolant leaking into the crankcase I drained the excess oil out while it was warm and it had a lot of steam coming off it as well. The oil has a...
  12. ranchhopper

    Another 1009 IP problem

    I needed to take the leaky IP off the 1009 and replace it so I found a new one on GL for a CUCV and got it for a great price. I put it in the truck and cranked and cranked and no fuel to the injectors. The fuel has plenty of pressure coming into the pump from the filter and has fuel in the top...
  13. ranchhopper

    WW2 water cans worth anything?

    I found this a couple days ago no holes minimum of rust monarch 44 US stamped in top under handle I assume the 44 stands for 1944 manufacture.. I know regular jerry cans are a dime a dozen does world war two cans bring any money these days I would probably sell it if its worth the time to clean...
  14. ranchhopper

    Any members here live in the vicinity of temple texas?

    I am contemplating buying a truck near temple texas its the size of a 1008 so its not a heavy truck the deal hinges on what it will cost me to get the truck from its location to their location and store it for a few days PM me if you can assist me any help would be appreciated.
  15. ranchhopper

    Newer style deuce wire harness differences

    I am installing a late eighties deuce wire harness into a 68 deuce there is some differences from the original harness to contend with. You guys who have a later model truck may be able to answer a couple questions like do the headlight and turn signal light wire harness run along the frame rail...
  16. ranchhopper

    Bobber finally done

    Finally my truck is finished I have four parades to do this weekend so I had to take the last two days off work to finish 6 am to 830 pm yesterday and close to that today. The truck came from the GSA and the truck was the most beat up I have had so far everything needed to be replaced right down...
  17. ranchhopper

    Started my digital camo

    I have been slowly bobbing a GSA deuce fenders are still at the sandblaster but doors, hood, rear springs and hardware are all painted along with most of the frame and small pieces. I got to doing some camo on one door it will look much better when blended into a whole paint scheme as the...
  18. ranchhopper

    GSA deuce here at last

    The first week of January I won this old truck off the GSA in iowa Karl the manager was great to work with he was in no hurry for me to get it out of his yard so the weather was finally nice yesterday we took my friends gooseneck out and brought it home. Its pretty ugly but its going to be...
  19. ranchhopper

    May need a pick up at the university in ft. collins colorado

    I am looking into purchasing a few things at the university for my bobbed deuce if anyone lives near there I would reimburse you for the time and effort to pick it up the deal hinges on being able to find someone to retrieve them for me.
  20. ranchhopper

    Need 1102 humvee trailer moved off base at Ft. bragg

    I just won an 1102 trailer at ft. bragg I need it taken off the base and stored for a bit until I can either come down and get it or arrange to have it shipped to me. I needed the bed for my next bobbed deuce Im going to disassemble it and sell off the tires, axle, and surge brake I can be...
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