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  1. Blackbear

    Poor heater preformance in Deuce

    You know I needed my heater a couple weeks ago in Ky snow, fan barely worked little heat in the Duece, suggestions?
  2. Blackbear

    803a vs 813, what’s the difference

    Just need to know the significant differences. thanks guys.
  3. Blackbear

    Mep-803A needs replacement engine

    Well, I have a mep803-A that has the original onan 4 cylinder engine, that's now seized and I will need to replace it, any ideas where I can get one to swap it out?
  4. Blackbear


    Ok, so my first 803, worked great put batteries in hooked up, purse like a kitten, my second one has sat in a storage unit and as I added oil, fluids I tried to turn the crank case a bit, and it's locked up pretty tight. Is this a full head Tear down or should I try to crank it. It has been...
  5. Blackbear

    MEP-803A. ....60hertz?.

    I read in a post that, you want to run your 803 at ,60htz when operating or it will / could damage the unit. Consequently I have been runnin mine and the dial has not moved off zero, granted I did not adjust the throttle or the knob to the far right to dial up the voltage. At this point I...
  6. Blackbear

    M35A2 seats, both sides

    I'm still riding, rather flat, hard etc, what's the deal on getting seats remade or just replaced, with a stock or really not so stock but Cush seats, little help..
  7. Blackbear

    Bow hunters with military vehicles, wanting to hunt in Ky.

    This is a progressive poll, I'm considering a hunting project this is a first step. please select the last best answer How many deer hunters out there's? How many are bow hunters? How many could drive MV to South Central Ky. Would you consider an annual hunt trip? Thank you for the feedback.
  8. Blackbear

    RV hook up to a MEP-803a

    Here's the deal, I have a Mep-803a I would like to hook up to my 40 foot RV, its a 50 amp plug, what's the best way to do this? I'm looking for a black box I can mount on the trailer wired to the generator, then use my RV plug into a 50amp socket, along with maybe an eight pack of 120 outlets...
  9. Blackbear


    Looked for a Tm operator manual for a MEP-803A and could not find it in the Tm listings, little help please. bb
  10. Blackbear

    It started as a simple road trip.

    It started as a simple road trip 21 miles back to the hunting camp. Went through pretty much a solid PM check, brakes, new belts, tire check hubs, coolant reload, drain and clean petrol tank, and of course all filters changed, this was due to the engine cutting out as I drove it in, stopped...
  11. Blackbear

    Need delivery for auction items, chambersburg PA, to London Ky.

    I bought two mep-803a's that need picked up from chambers burg PA, and delivered to London Ky. Zip codes are, 17201 to 42501. please let me know if anyone is interested. feel free to pm me a quote.
  12. Blackbear

    Deuce towing capability

    I picked up a DRS ammunition trailer, pineal hook and all at a recent auction. the local gang at the garage says the deuce will have trouble pulling it, but I haven't pulled anything yet, it's a M35A2 460 whistler, 1990, I don't think it will be an issue, and now "the rest of the story" ...
  13. Blackbear

    HMMWV How deep of ------am I in. Need Hummwv Mech.

    Ok not a huge auction player. I am looking at an 87 HMMWV, now here's when it gets good, they could not start it, it does have an engine and a leak at the valve cover, drip pan underneath, not too bad. in? Is it worth the effort or will I get lucky, what's the trend been on something like this...
  14. Blackbear

    Deuce start up after empty tank

    I bought my M35A2 last year, $3500 bucks 5,700 miles I think it's a 1990, when I picked it up I did basic maintenance, It ran great for the 700 miles, no issues none. I drove it to Ky ranch now it has sat for 6 months and I had to drain the tank dew to water in the tank I believe caused from the...
  15. Blackbear

    Any southeastern conference rallys this summer?

    Is there an activity calendar for the Southeast conference, curious if there are any rally's this summer. Or ice house skull sessions.
  16. Blackbear

    Harvest some new trials anyone?

    I searched Ky rally didn't find a whole lot however plenty of folks close in neighboring states, I have a place in between Somerset and London, decent hunting ranch I want to add some trails on, I was thinking about having a mini rally, to harvest some trials kick back, camp etc. note some...
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