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  1. deuceman51

    Mystery winter hood blanket kit

    I have what I think is a complete winter hood blanket set with sides, but the passenger side blanket has no holes in it for the air intake. I have held the setup up to my M37, M38A1, M211 and other MVs and can't seem to find any vehicles that fit other than the M35A2. The drivers side has the...
  2. deuceman51

    WWI FWD "Model B" truck chassis

    Does anybody know someone with a WWI FWD Model B truck who might be looking for axles, suspension, or a frame. There is one near me that a guy has who wants to sell it. It is just a rolling chassis with nothing else. All axle stuff, suspension, wheels, and frame is there. I'm guessing there...
  3. deuceman51

    M39 series vs. M809 series questions on PTO and transmission

    So after a little research I have found that the M809 series transmission is basically the same as the M39(M54 cargo) transmission, but with overdrive gears to better match the Cummins engine. Is there any other differences in the transmissions that a guy should know about? I have a multifuel...
  4. deuceman51

    what color MERDC???

    Here is a pic of my MW24B loader that I want to touch up, but i'm having a hard time figuring the exact MERDC color. I think it is winter verdant(Forest Green, Field Drab, Sand, and Black). The one color looks brown to me, but that might be about what the field drab is supposed to look like...
  5. deuceman51

    MEP005A parts?

    I searched and didn't find what I was looking for. I'm trying to find a few parts for my 30K and am not having much luck. I think there was a place down in TX or somewhere names Dales who has a ton of parts, but I can't find their contact info. I bought from them in the past and there were...
  6. deuceman51

    M915A1 Alternator

    Well my alternator and transformer died a very smoky death the other day and I was wondering if any of you guys have found a better civy 12/24 alternator for your M915s, M916s, ect? I don't really want to shell out the $575 the local places want for a replacement one. I want to keep mine stock...
  7. deuceman51

    5/16 winch shear pin questions.

    I have read the threads on the shear pins with the tests etc. I have a winch that the previous owner drilled to 5/16 so the correct 9/32 is out of the question. I can't seem to find the shearing psi rating for 2024-T361 Al to compare it to the GI 44-45,000Psi rating. Does anybody have a...
  8. deuceman51

    M123 10 ton manuals

    Does anybody have PDF versions of the manuals for the M123 10 ton? I would also concider paper manuals if anyone has them. I can't get the TM page to work and I haven't found any downloadable ones on the net yet. I"m working on a V8-300 powered version and could really use the manuals for...
  9. deuceman51

    salvage skid steer

    I have a skid loader in reedsburg WI that needs a trip to Scotland SD. It doesn't run, but they will load it there and I can lift it off with my wrecker at the destination. Just figured I would post it in case anybody is looking for a way to pay for gas on a recovery or heading this way empty.
  10. deuceman51

    M813 brake line size

    I need to get some brake line this week at NAPA and I don't have my M813 in front of me. Does anybody know what size the brake line is that goes from the airpack to the tee on the frame? I think it's 3/8, but I can't remember 100%. Thanks.
  11. deuceman51

    5 ton air lockers?

    I've read tons of threads on the detroit lockers, but has anybody found anyone who makes air lockers for the 5t M809 axles? I am in the process of working on a M813 that was converted for powerline use as a digger truck/polesetter and my customer wants lockers added to it. From what I read...
  12. deuceman51

    The weasels are Home !!!!!

    I want to first take the time to thank John Trumpe and his family for helping on the recovery and being such a great friend. This hobby definately is great because of other OD addicts and the friendships that result. Maccus, I hope you will forgive me for being in your neck of the woods and...
  13. deuceman51

    Abandoned CUCV in SD???

    Last spring a fellow SS member left their M1008 CUCV at my place in South Dakota after getting it on an auction and for some reason I can't find any PMs with their contact information. They also got a wrecker in MN and were going to come up and get both, but I don't remember who it was. I'm...
  14. deuceman51

    M75 Christmas Card

    Well we got the family together yesterday and decided we were going to make this years Christmas card a bit special. Let me know what you guys think. I'm the one in the commanders coupala with the 1919a4. The little girl in the red is my niece and the rest are my parents and my sister with...
  15. deuceman51

    M75 is finally home !!!!!!!!

    Well guys, the infamous Save me from the torch M75 in Montana is finally safe and doing well at it's new home in South Dakota. She will be kept company with 26 other MVs at Kluthe Army Depot. This was a very long drawn out process with tons of minor problems that kept wreaking havoc with my...
  16. deuceman51

    Carc paint going up!!!!!!!!

    Talked to Sherwin Williams today and they informed me that our beloved single component CARC has been replaced by the new TACOM Spec CARC. As I understand it, it's mostly the same only lower VOC's and more environmentally friendly. The existing stock is going to start drying up and once it's...
  17. deuceman51

    M295a2 kingpin height

    I am working on getting my M295A1 home and the trucker wants to know the kingpin height? I was checking the manuals, but wasn't finding what I wanted and past posts all talk about sliding the 5th wheel all the way rearward because of the clearance with the landing gear. Does anybody know for...
  18. deuceman51

    M809 series spare parts?

    Does anyone know where I can find spare part for my M818/M809 series truck? I have been checking around, but it is hard to find a salvage yard or reasonable dealer for spare parts. I am looking for a radiator, fan, fan hub assembly, water pump pulley, and a few misc small parts? Anybody got...
  19. deuceman51

    small shippers in the midwest??

    I am looking for a small shipper who can handle 20,000lbs and below to haul a 5 ton from the Des Moines IA area 291 miles west for me. I also need a company that can hook up and haul an empty semi trailer from camp ripley mn to SE south dakota. Uship hasn't helped much and all the people...
  20. deuceman51

    M818 radiator needed

    Does anybody have a lead on a good take out or new radiator for the M818 anywhere in the midwest? I just bought a truck that the fan went through the radiator which needless to say makes it somewhat deadlined. Thanks in advance.
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