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  1. hummer4x4guy

    4L80 machined oil pan recommendations.

    This past weekend I did my 3rd attempt to get my transmission pan leak fixed. It didn’t happen. So I want to go with a machined pan and I am looking for suggestions on a pan that is good to go with. One with a drain. One that will clear the cross member of which mine has about 3/8 of extra...
  2. hummer4x4guy

    Michigan wrecker needed, make some $

    I have a friend who’s husband passed away at the beginning of the year. She has some heavy pieces of scrap metal and a likely non working mini front loader she wants to get rid of. She is just south of Imlay City. She has a pintle trailer that is heavy duty enough to carry the scrap but has no...
  3. hummer4x4guy

    Aluminum troop seats/benches

    I’ve heard that we now have aluminum benches for the 2 man truck set up. Anyone know of anyone or places that have a kit for sale?
  4. hummer4x4guy

    flexline brake line kit looking for part #

    Guys, I am looking for the part # for the rear passenger side brake line that screws into the brake caliper. I had a good bolt failure in that area and the steel section of the line got kinked. I am thinking its a 12460511 but i am not sure. I can't find the paperwork from the kit to verify...
  5. hummer4x4guy

    6.2 vs 6.5 mufflers/catalytic converter

    Can anyone confirm if one needs to change the old 6.2 muffler over to the cat/mini muffler on a 6.5 set up due to the 6.2 muffler hitting the transfer case due to it being pushed further back? This 6.5 is an NA truck and not a turbo. Thanks for lending some information on this. Sent from my...
  6. hummer4x4guy

    4L80E shift shaft removal..need help

    Can someone explain how we are suppose to properly remove the shaft? This nail is holding it in place. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. hummer4x4guy

    A2 fuel tank question

    What's with the extra port on top makes by the orange circle (shipping plug) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. hummer4x4guy

    4L80E pan question....

    I have a 2000 transmission. I see there is no drain plug on the pan. Does the pan shape vary that much between the years listed in which it calls out a kit pn: 8682888 or is that they simply removed the plug after 1996? I would prefer a pan with a plug set up myself unless there is a good...
  9. hummer4x4guy

    4L80E internal wiring harness

    Is there a difference in the harness that the body harness hooks to on the driver side of the transmission? I'll need to replace mine and I see em on eBay but wanted to see if anyone knew of anything special in regards to the harness.
  10. hummer4x4guy

    Lifting a humvee body

    I'm getting close to pulling the body off the truck and wanted to know if anyone has successfully lifted the whole body off by using the b pillar as a lift point. Thanks
  11. hummer4x4guy

    200 amp alt positive cable need help

    Hi guys, I need to replace the following cable on the project. I'm finding mixed information on the right pn the location the other end attaches to and a fair price. I believe the part # is either 12446821-5 or 12446821-2. I'm looking for the positive one with the red cap. Thanks for any help.
  12. hummer4x4guy

    New drive line has been bought

    This past 9/12 I went out to Illinois with two buddies to pickup this drivetrain from a scrapped humvee. They got 19 tires between the two of them. I'm very excited to get this final upgrade done on the truck. If anyone has tips on things to do or consider once I start this process, moat...
  13. hummer4x4guy

    Two man body panel

    Can anyone tell me how these plates were properly installed from the factory? I've had em for years and now going to consider installing them.
  14. hummer4x4guy

    Topeka KS MPVA show to Mi/Oh/In anyone?

    There is a seller on eBay who has some insulated troop covers for the Humvee. I am looking for one but shipping costs are a bit too high to make it worth while. Seeing if anyone in the Mi-IN-OH area would be going there and would be willing to bring back the cover? I will pay you in advance if...
  15. hummer4x4guy

    Nartron smart start question

    Does the Narton brand need the TSU to operate or not? If so which colored band is needed? Thanks
  16. hummer4x4guy

    Wiring harness for trucks buy direct from manufactuer They sell and make the wiring harness for many military trucks. If you are looking for something they would be the place to go and they sell direct. Got a hood and engine harness for the humvee.
  17. hummer4x4guy

    Engine wiring harness new cost

    If you are in the need of an engine wiring harness you can buy direct from riverside. Pricing for 1 pc of 12339350 is $135.00 there is a 10 week lead time currently. I just got mine in today and wanted to share the info.
  18. hummer4x4guy

    fan clutch PSI?

    Anyone know how many PSI the valve on our trucks puts out to the fan clutch?
  19. hummer4x4guy

    Getting the rust off ss nuts

    I started cleaning my ss nuts today with super iron out. I soaked 4 nuts in just enough water to cover them fully and poured in about 1-2 Tbsp of the cleaner and let them soak for about 5-6 hours or so.
  20. hummer4x4guy

    Optima battery holders

    Does anyone have a photo of some optimas with these battery holders on them? What does the tray do exactly? Thanks
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