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  1. m26a1tom


    Agreed. Let’s not forget the real star of the show, the poor little 50 ton lowboy that moved the 110 ton load.
  2. m26a1tom


    A few years ago, I used my M123 to move a steam powered locomotive wreck crane. The crane itself weighed just shy of 220,000 lbs. A lesser truck would not have been able to complete the job.
  3. m26a1tom

    Set of ramps, San Antonio,Tx to Ohio

    I’ve got to pick up a trailer from him some time this fall. I could get the ramps to VA, or possibly even closer to you if you’re not in a big rush.
  4. m26a1tom

    Wanted: Large Tires Chamberlain, SD to Lexington, VA or anywhere further east

    I already purchased these tires from an online equipment auction site. I only bought them because they were insanely cheap. I am just looking for the most economical route to get them home. Thank you for the response. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Also, Fastenal says they are too...
  5. m26a1tom

    Wanted: Large Tires Chamberlain, SD to Lexington, VA or anywhere further east

    I am looking to have 4 large tires, size 18.00 - 24 moved from Chamberlain, SD towards Lexington, VA or anywhere further east. The tires are roughly the size of what is on the rear of most backhoes and smaller size (75ish HP) farm tractors, to give you a general idea. I am going to guess and say...
  6. m26a1tom

    Hauling available: Gilbert, PA to West Coast

    Jcappeljr, I am planning a trip to CO to pick up some stuff of mine within the next month. I will be going to the Northeastern corner of the state and should have some extra room on the trailer. PM me if you would like to arrange something with me. Thanks
  7. m26a1tom

    1940 Federal 606 C2 Wrecker

    Jeff, or anyone else, would you happen to know when they phased out the early curved boom design for the straight one?
  8. m26a1tom

    1940 Federal 606 C2 Wrecker

    On a side note, would any of you gentlemen happen to know if the internal components of the rear axles on a Federal 606 will interchange with those on a 604? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  9. m26a1tom

    1940 Federal 606 C2 Wrecker

    The yellow truck pictured is a Sterling HCS 330. Although similar in appearance to the C2 wrecking gear used on the smaller Sterlings and Federal 606 trucks, the boom on the 330 is nearly twice the size and considerably heavier.
  10. m26a1tom

    Wrecker Owners, Stand up and be Recognized!

    Diamond T 969 and an M62 gasser
  11. m26a1tom

    im thinking about selling and starting over what do you think?

    I know a 4bt would fit nicely, make a fairly easy swap, and give great fuel milage. Why not a 6bt though? I plan on putting one in a WWII 1/2 ton in a year or two. It would be alot of work, but it would be one mean and unique truck when its done.
  12. m26a1tom

    looking for 11.00-20 ndt,s

    Anyone know where to get good 14.00 X 24 NDT tires and/or combat rims for a good price?
  13. m26a1tom

    NDT= No Darn Traction

    For the guy with the stuck duece in the first post. Why not just back down the hill and try it again? It doesn't look to me like you were totally stuck, just unable to go forward.
  14. m26a1tom

    WWII Studebaker US-6 on GB

    I saw a US-6 in a junk yard near here the other day. It was really rough, but its the first one I have ever seen in person. I can't remember if it had the original bed on it or not. If anyone is interested let me know and I will see if I can find out more about it.
  15. m26a1tom

    WTB M15 Trailer

    Does anyone know of any M15 or M15A1 trailers for the dragon wagon for sale somewhere on the eastern side of the Mississippi? If so, where at and what price? Thanks.
  16. m26a1tom

    need a wrecker

    I've got a 52 Internation M62 gasser that I will sell you for that kind of money. It runs well, does not have brakes though, and is in need of paint and a tune up. It cannot be driven on the road, I know its kind of far from you, but let me know if you are interested.
  17. m26a1tom


    Nevermind, I probably should have looked at the pics before posting that. I thought you were referring to a Diamond T. But still a cool truck, find out if they want to get rid of it.
  18. m26a1tom


    I have been wanting a Diamond T for ages. Find out if they will sell theirs and let me know what they want for it if you don't mind.
  19. m26a1tom

    Big, Blue, and Butchered but still an M26A1

    See if you can find something out about that truck. I would be interested in it if it is for sale.
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