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  1. frank8003

    FL Keystock, lots of keystock $100.

    See notes. All this key stock has to go. $100 free shipping to SS. This is $100 to PayPal as a gift to in Paypal. It goes shipped priority tracking mail. Anybody want it as is? over 17 foot of Key Stock It is will be on the eBay too but for $125
  2. frank8003

    members map

    OK I gave up I know We got them Where the heck is the members map?
  3. frank8003

    USMC the end of the tanks
  4. frank8003

    two cylinder generator

    Just wondering if in the coming years this thing would be adapted to run the house, It is a generator
  5. frank8003

    Is "start a conversation" same as "Private message?"

    I put a pay it forward ad 02272020, ACKCARUS replied He wants it, so I sent a "start a conversation." I think I sent him a message 04022020, No reply ever that I can find. I made notes in that "pay it forward" listing. CHIEFSONN replied 04242020 so I sent Him a "start a conversation" and again...
  6. frank8003

    Is that the LAST new one, Holy Cow
  7. frank8003

    Deuce piston invention continues to evolve

    Spherical turbulation Just keeps getting better since original idea. Is it only the multifuel diesel does not clatter? Four set of rings.
  8. frank8003

    OOPS fault when leaving member feedback 02202020

    attempted to leave feedback for royalflush55 quite a few times and is nogo with an OOPS maybe you do it. Here is feedback seller frank800 buyer royalflush55 royalflush55 drove almost 3700 miles round trip to get good stuff. Cabinet, Vise, tools, SS steel, arbor press, etc. that no one else...
  9. frank8003

    Your generator is on the way by CH-47

    Your generator is on the way Anything one would need is brought to you but You have to be in Harms Way.
  10. frank8003

    1949 Bell 47D1 N5167V Sioux
  11. frank8003


    It is on the way. Fact is been working for quite a while. Here is more........
  12. frank8003

    California PG&E outage + generators 10102019

    I am always interested in power generation. I am in Florida, the hurricane place. Please say if your military and/or civilian generators are doing what you bought/maintained them for and if they are doing the job.
  13. frank8003

    MEP-006A or what

    Nürburgring track officials timed the Model S at 7:23. Would an MEP-006A big powerful enough? Auto Motor Und Sport has revealed that Tesla installed a Supercharger station, powered by a diesel generator at Nürburgring motorsports complex, located in the town of Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate...
  14. frank8003

    my PDF uploads show as all black box 07082019

    OK What am I doing wrong or not correct I just uploaded [07082019 1015 hours]to the TM upload section four MEP-003 PDF but they show as all black boxes How can I fix that Is the problem here or there. If I click on the black box it works OK and can view it but this happens with many of my PDF...
  15. frank8003

    MEP-003 TM's 07082019

  16. frank8003

    JLTV Spike
  17. frank8003

    Headstones denote Men resting

  18. frank8003

    Trophy Active Protection System (APS)

    Smardan Training Area, Romania, May 29. During the ceremony, several photos show an advanced version of the U.S. Army M1 Abrams tank with a new armor system on its turret.
  19. frank8003

    camouflage TB complete

    Our dear moderators, Please delete if already exits in the base
  20. frank8003

    How to bulk delete private messages?

    I know it is in here someplace how to delete old private messages. I searched around and have not fiqured it out. Please tell how to delete private messages, bulk delete or by age or whatever. Thanks?
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