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  1. MASH 4077

    Indiana MVPA Meeting 14 July

    Greetings! Just a reminder we have a meeting tomorrow morning 9am at Fort Harrison state park Museum of 20th Century Warfare! Drive your HMV and get into the park free! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  2. MASH 4077

    M35/211 bed canvas

    Will an M35 bed canvas fit an M211? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  3. MASH 4077

    Indiana MVPA State Rally 2017

    It's that time of year again! The Indiana MVPA State Rally is upon us! The rally will be held at the Jay County 4H Fairgrounds in Portland, Indiana on Sept 15th and 16th. Plenty of space for camping primitive and RV sites are available. We also still have vendor spaces available. Check out...
  4. MASH 4077

    2016 Indiana MVPA Rally Sept, 16th-17th

    It's that time of year again. The 2016 Indiana MVPA Rally is September 16th and 17th at the Jay County 4H fairgrounds in Portland, Indiana. RV and primitive camping sites available, and also local hotels in the Portland area. Check out for more information.
  5. MASH 4077

    Looking for a particular jeep.

    So this is a shot in the dark. I'm looking for a 53 M38A1 that my grandfather owned. It was the last one he restored before he passed away in 95. It was a USMC marked jeep with hood numbers only. They were done in black vinyl. The hood number was 350000950. This is the only thing I know about...
  6. MASH 4077

    Indiana MVPA State Rally

    It's that time of year again! The Indiana MVPA Rally is among us! Once again it will be held at the Jay Co. 4H Fairgrounds in Portland, IN with the Museum of the Soldier as its host. Along with the vehicle show we have a chicken dinner on Friday night as a fund raiser for the museum (its some...
  7. MASH 4077

    Indiana MVPA Rustbusters

    The INMVPA now has a Facebook page! Search for us under Indiana MVPA Rustbusters! [thumbzup]
  8. MASH 4077

    Any RT-68 gurus here?

    Ok I have recently purchased an MT-299 mount for my RT-68/PP-112. The guy I bought my MT-299 mount from said it worked. I got it mounted in the jeep, started checking grounds from the mount to the jeep. It checks out good and the ground also checks out good on the antenna mount. The antenna wire...
  9. MASH 4077

    Indiana MVPA 2014 State Rally

    The 2014 INMVPA Rally will be held at the Jay County 4H Fairgrounds in Portland, IN September 19-20. Hosted by the Museum of the Soldier.
  10. MASH 4077

    2014 Indiana MVPA State Rally

    Here's the poster for this years rally! We had a change of venue, but it should be a good show! Lots of space @ the Jay Co 4H Fairgrounds!
  11. MASH 4077

    New 7.00x16 NDT's!!

    Just ordered a set on Friday from!!! I can't wait to get some new rubber under my M38A1!
  12. MASH 4077

    Want to change unit #'s on my M38A1

    I'm looking to change the unit numbers on my M38A1. It currently has the 4077th MASH HQ5 on it. I would kinda like to get away from that. Something post Korea but pre-VietNam. I'm kinda in the dark on this. Eventually my jeep will be a radio jeep and I really wouldn't see a MASH unit having a...
  13. MASH 4077

    Spring Dust Off Anderson, Indiana who's going?

    The Spring Dust Off is April 26-28 2013. If you are planning on attending you can go to for directions and event details there is also a link on the Indiana MVPA site for McClains Military Armor Museum's Facebook page and phone numbers on the Indiana MVPA web site to contact...
  14. MASH 4077

    A few updated pics of my M38A1

    Couldn't do pics so a link will do. If you want to see more of my A1 add me on Facebook (Nathan Deal(I'm not the govner of Georgia lol) some more MV guys would be awesome!
  15. MASH 4077

    Disc brake conversion on M38A1?

    Has anyone ever done this and if so what parts/ mods do you have to do to achive this? Any help is appreciated!
  16. MASH 4077


    It's Official!! The engine is sitting between the frame rails on the jeep! Will post up later with updates!
  17. MASH 4077

    CJ5 & M38A1 engine mounts?

    Are the CJ5 & M38A1 engine mounts the same? Mine need to be replaced, they are in very bad condition. If they are the same I found out earlier today that the local auto parts store can get the CJ5 mounts. I really hope they are the same as the A1. aua
  18. MASH 4077

    Gettin' Closer!!!!

    Been working pretty hard on my A1 and finally getting to the point where I can put my engine back in! I'm really excited to see it this far and can't wait to go to the INMVPA Rally @ Ropkey Armor Museum here in about 3 weeks!
  19. MASH 4077

    Thanks to indy4x4fab!!!

    Thanks Nick for coming up to pull the engine in my M38A1! I'm very grateful!
  20. MASH 4077

    James Dean Run

    Well the big show is upon us here in Fairmount. The James Dean Run is the last FULL weekend in September and any and all are welcome to come in your MV's. I will have my A1 there and also my 64 1/2 Mustang. Just thought I'd spread the word! Hope to see some OD Green there!
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