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    M939a1 air dryer rebuild kit part #

    Anyone i can call to get the rebuild part number or off of amazon. My damn air dryer has shit the bucket again after three years and ive havd too many seconds of svedka to locate the damn part number to reorder. Please and thank you my friends
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    Ammo box storage ideas for mv

    I am looking to install some sort of rolling// sliding ammo box rack for the bed of the truck. My whole familly goes shooting at once and was trying to figure out good ideas for a sliding and self supporting system to load several different ammo box and crates to be accessible from the bed of...
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    M931a1 interior comfort // general maintenance modifications

    This thread contains a few topics from several threads that I have run across lately, from engine maintenance to interior add-ons for all around comfort. I purchased my 5 ton last September from a fire fighter in the city where I work. The truck was in what I would consider pretty good shape...
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    Nhc 250 full cummins parts catalog

    i looked through the 5 ton tm section for help with the NHC 250 fuel pump rebuild and schematics. Much to my dismay the listed ones had the pump sections removed (listed reason was that people apparently shouldnt try this at home). Well everyone here is used to pulling these **** trucks apart...
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