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  1. Lothar

    Any tips removing hydraulic winch motor?

    Trying to replace the hydraulic motor in my M35A3. The motor is really seized in there. Pounded some wedges in and have sprayed PB blaster. Nowhere to put a torch that would help. Figured I'd ask around to see if anyone had other ideas.
  2. Lothar


    This happened yesterday. The spindle nut is still locked in place, it hasn't moved at all. Low speeds, nobody hurt.
  3. Lothar

    WARNING aftermarket doors from Global Parts

    It is my understanding that Global Parts has an exclusive right to sell contract with a Russian manufacturer that makes aftermarket fiberglass doors for the HMMWV. The 2 types I have seen are made to look like either the Hummer or the Military X doors. I purchased the H-1 style. They have...
  4. Lothar

    Pintle hook question

    I made a bumper from 2" x 8" rectangle tube similar to an airlift bumper. I was intending to use the original pintle hook from the truck but I am wonderimg if there is a different hook utilized on the airlift bumper with a longer stem to compensate for the 2" thick bumper. I think it would only...
  5. Lothar

    Some welding trucks for your perusal

    So..... I know this isn't a military truck. But I made the bed myself and it is militarily inspired. I will get to my HMMWV weld truck next so have patience with me. This is an old 24 valve Cummins I bought from a friend. It was stock and white at that time with no bed, now it is lifted on bags.
  6. Lothar

    This looks bad

    So, I have had this truck for a few months, and only recently been able to put some time into driving and improving it. Today I decided to spool out the winch, clean and treat the cable. I could not get the winch to wind at all in any direction. I have spent time searching around to make sure...
  7. Lothar

    Adding bells and whistles

    Just wanted to share some things I've added and will be adding to my truck. This is my first attempt at uploading pictures so I might have to do some experimenting. This M35A3 was purchased from C&C Surplus, it is a 1995 with 13k miles on the odometer. My plan is to make it into a welding truck...
  8. Lothar

    plastic air line leak

    Good morning. Spent the last couple of days making repairs and adjustments to the new truck. Hope to get some advise on the latest problem. I found and air leak in the line going to the winch control. If this picture worked there is an arrow pointing at the top of a plastic tee. That is the...
  9. Lothar

    Colorado Noob

    Greetings fellow MV enthusiasts. I am happy to join your informative forum, and look forward to getting to know the lot of you. I have owned a CUCV for some time, and recently acquired the long awaited Deuce. Have much to learn about them both. The only things I claim to be good at are welding...
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