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  1. flippydidit

    Tires and wheels moved from TX to FL

    Hello, I need transportation for five Humvee wheels and tires from Texarkana, TX to Largo, FL (Tampa area). There is no time schedule, I just need them moved at the transporter's convenience. The entire load consists of 5 tires, 5 wheels, 5 aluminum runflats, and seals. It should all fit on...
  2. flippydidit

    5 HMMWV tires/wheels shipped from Texarkana, TX to Tampa, FL

    Hello, I purchased 5 HMMWV tires and wheels quite a while ago. My original transportation fell through, so I'm looking for someone willing to transport them for me. I'm willing to pay a fair price, although if you're already going that way it may benefit you more. I don't really have a time...
  3. flippydidit

    M1008 replacement parts

    Hey guys, Just got an M1008 and I want to change out the front and rear shocks. I also have a fuel gauge issue, but I'm thinking it's probably an old wiring harness and not the sending unit. While I have the wheels off to do the shocks, I was going to put some bigger tires on it. What kind...
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