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  1. ltdaniel

    Need Help on Reb Shifter linkage

    Getting ready to reinstall engine and rebuilt transmission and i have a Reb Shifter on it but had help removing it and did not take any photos of the linkage hookup. Anyone have photos of the linkage or the install manual that shows how the linkage is connected? Thanks for the help Dan
  2. ltdaniel

    I need a Head

    I have a cracked head that is unrepairable, I pulled the head off my parts truck and its cracked also. These are cracked in the intake and exhaust ports. Does anyone know where I can find a good (uncracked) head? Help! Dan
  3. ltdaniel

    Reduction Unit Parts Needed

    I need help finding this. During the disassembly of the 2 Speed Gearbox on the back of the trans I found a broken snap ring a big one almost 13" across. Spring release, reduction unit clutch 12 1/2 diam. part number 7411670 Also the drain plug filter screen got mangled all I need is the screen...
  4. ltdaniel

    Question on Canadian M135 Canvas Cargo Top

    I was reading your posts on the length of the side staves, I am getting ready to order a new Canadian version cargo top from a Canvas supplier that has never made the Canadian M135 Canvas Cargo Top and it looks like it is 12 inches longer, is this correct? I see from the pictures posted in the...
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