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  1. jrosbo

    Stand guard light towers

    I bought some off these Stand guard light towers. They have a remote control unit. They have a spotlight, floodlight, and an I/R floodlight. I rigged one up and they are super bright! I have complete kits but they are all missing the main power cords. Was wondering if anyone on here might know...
  2. jrosbo

    A big thanks to Floridianson

    A big thanks is owed to Floridianson because he donated a couple of parts to a local museum here in Illinois. His donation is greatly appreciated! Hopefully someday I will get the chance to repay the favor.
  3. jrosbo

    Another CTIS Problem!!!!

    I have read other posts. I have read the TM's. I've read the CTIS manual and none of them have the problem that I'm having. I've tracked air lines, checked valves and I have no clue. When you get the system up to pressure the PCU valve just starts making a constant pfft pfft pfft pfft sound. The...
  4. jrosbo

    2nd annual military reenactment and vehicle show. Oct. 10 11 12 2014

    This will be our second show in Vandalia Illinois. We had a good turn out last year, looking to make it bigger this year. We had a nice vehicle display area last year and we have it again this year. Everyone is invited and its free. We have several displays scheduled for this year, two battles...
  5. jrosbo

    Field phone TM'S

    Anybody have the TM's for field phones or no where i can find them? I am looking for11-7025-328-12 and 12p for a CA-67 A/U. 11-5805-735-12 for TA-954 and 11-5820-477-23p and -30 and -12 for GRA-39. Any help would be appreciated. I looked on LOGSA and they are there but they won't let me download...
  6. jrosbo


    I have an XM105E3 trailer that I just got done Building a brand new bed for, I reused the fender wells and floor but the rest is brand new. This one says it belonged to the U.S.A.F. I am going to sandblast the frame and running gear this weekend. I have the new bed primed and ready and hopefully...
  7. jrosbo

    Plug wires

    Anybody got plug wires for an m37 that they want to sell? New or used would be great! Shielded type.
  8. jrosbo


    Well I saved them from the crusher and now I am in the learning process on how to make them work. I had the yellow one running until it lost the fuel pump. Trip to Napa in the morning. They both have Chrysler flat head 6 's in them. It says model IND-8A, type 524 on the tag on the side of the...
  9. jrosbo

    Water pump on M101 Trailer

    I have found a couple of water pumps mounted on M101 trailers. The tags on the trailer don't say much. It says they are Corp. of Enginers units. They pump 500 gallons a minute. They have a flat head inline 6. The trailers are in great shape. The pumps show 500 and 600 hours on the meters. The...
  10. jrosbo

    Salvage yards

    Does anyone know of any salvage yards in Illinois, Missouri, or Indiana? Howards in Kentucky is as close as I know of and that makes for a long trip.
  11. jrosbo


    I just bought a new genset. I believe it is a XLA115. It was built buy homelite for the US Mobility Command. Anyone know where I can find the TM'S or parts (for future reference) for this little unit? Has anyone ever seen one of these before? I don't know what I would use it for but I thought it...
  12. jrosbo

    M49 Its alive!

    I put the motor in that I got from BFR. Hooked the Mep 026c that I got from Howards for 50 bucks to the battery cables since I don't have batteries yet and made a make shift fuel source by putting gas in a gear lube bottle, clamping a rubber hose to it and hooking the hose to a nipple screwed...
  13. jrosbo

    OA 331

    I have an OA 331 that i want to rebuild. I pulled it out of my M49 to swap with an engine I got from BFR. I want to rebuild this one so I can have a spare. The one I pulled had all the main caps busted and the bearings where toast. Looks like the oil pump failed. My question is, does anybody...
  14. jrosbo

    Jerry can adapter

    I bought an adapter to run my gensets off of jerry cans. Does anybody know how they work? I looked through all of my TM's but could not find any info on them. I think there may be a piece missing. There is a threaded hole in the top, there is no pick up tube, and the main line comming of the top...
  15. jrosbo

    M49 from MASH

    Does anybody have or know where I can find pictures of the tank truck on the tv show MASH? I am thinking about painting my M49 like the one from MASH.
  16. jrosbo


    Does anyone know what an OA331 weights? I need to buy a new engine stand and the local stores only have 1000 lb. stands. Is that heavy enough?
  17. jrosbo

    OA 331

    Does anybody know the FSN number or any other numbers for the rebuild gasket set for the OA331 gas engine in the older gas M35. I need to know this like real quick so please help. Thanks
  18. jrosbo

    Attach box

    It says my attach box in my PM's is 60% full how do I empty it?
  19. jrosbo


    I really need to replace the manifold gaskets on my gasser but I am afraid to touch the bolts holding it on. There is not much left of the studs past the nut. And I know as soon as I put a wrench on there and give them a twist I am going to hear that awful noise, snap! Any Ideas? Also do these...
  20. jrosbo

    Mep 026 3kw

    I have a little 3kw genset here that runs great with the exception of one small problem, it will dump a half quart of gas in the crankcase in 30 minutes of run time. Any ideas? The float and everything else on the carb seems to be working properly. When it is running it does not appear or smell...
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