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    Shipping NY to AZ - Any Idea

    Hey all. I need some help finding someone to move a truck from NY to AZ. Anyone know a good broker or carrier that they used in the past? I've called several and none can give me a pick-up date within a reasonable amount of time. Still waiting for call backs and to schedule a pickup...
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    Speedometer Cable / Jerking Needle

    Recently the needle on my speedometer began jerking. Are there any known fixes or issues on the speedometer cable? I assume the cable is easy to replace.
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    Turn Signal Control Unit LED Bulb

    I have an 06 M1152A1. I replaced my turn signal bulbs with LED bulbs and they work with the original flasher. When I try to replace the bulb in the turn signal controller on the steering column, no LED bulb will work. The turn signal bulbs with flash normally but the LED bulb in the...
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    Dog House Upper Stud Turnlock Fastener Alternatives

    I know this has been discussed in the past but does anyone know of a good alternative to these? Mine are a bit difficult to link in and turn. Any ideas?
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    Where to Sell Trucks

    Where are the best places to offer my truck for sale online? I'm selling my 2006 M1152A1 with 375 miles on it. I just completed a full restoration and made it a 4 man truck with new top, doors, seats and much more. It looks and runs like new. I know most here are looking for inexpensive...
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    Electrical Brain Teaser Question

    My truck is dual voltage and I have a 12v fuse box connected to my rear battery which powers three accessories. USB ports, a dome light and a Bluetooth speaker. Is there any place to tie in the Bluetooth speaker and USB ports to an ignition switched 12v power source somewhere on the truck...
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    Light for Dixson OEM above mounted Tachometer

    Is there a light inside this tachometer? If yes, any ideas on how to fix mine? Mine has the military screw on pin connector only. It looks like this one. Thank you.
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    Front Left Wheel Knocking Sound

    Hey All: On small to moderate bumps I'm getting a knocking/thumping sound from my front left wheel area. Any ideas on what it could be, how to trouble shoot it, or how to fix it? For those that follow my posts and have helped me in the past, this is not the wheel I recently changed the tire...
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    Wire path from dash & inside to battery box?

    I'm working on my 12v and trying to figure out the best path for 12v wires to the space next to the battery box where I put my fuse box. If I want to put in say a usb charger port near the driver, do I need to go outside underneath and back into the battery area? It seems this is the only...
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    Stoplight Switch to Brake Pedal Linkage

    My brake lights are not working I believe because of the poor linkage between the stoplight switch and the brake pedal. When I push the stoplight switch forward manually, the brake lights do go on. I tried adjusting the switch on the mount and it still won't move with the brake pedal. Do I...
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    12V Clarification / Question

    I have a 200A dual voltage alternator with a voltage regulator. Do I still need to install a 24/12v converter to run a stereo and a dome light?
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    T/C Lock Light - How to unlock?

    How do I unlock the T/C so my T/C light will go out?
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    M1152A1 - 4 Man Soft Top Kit w/ Doors Question

    Hello All: I could use some assistance. I have a 2006 M1152A1 and it came without any doors. I want to put on a new 4 man soft top with soft doors. I saw some discussion here about straight vs. angled doors for previously armored models like mine. Does this apply only to hard doors? If I...
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    Seat Bellts for M1152A1 front & back

    Are aby seatbelts preferred or more populs or safer? I'd like to clode to OEM but be easy to use and compfortable. Any suggestions. Thank you.
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    Newbie Tire Change Help

    When my M1152 was finally delivered a few weeks ago, I discovered the right rear tire was bald. I ordered and received an identical tire from fleabay. What exactly is the procedure for changing the tire? Are there general instructions in a thread on the forum? Where is this found in the...
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    Ebay Parts Question

    Hello All: I'm about to order a 4 man soft top kit with soft doors for my newly acquired truck. Does anyone know about any fraud or scams on ebay concerning hmmwv parts? I've purchased many humvee items from higher volume sellers without a problem so far. I was a victim on a big ticket item...
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    M1152 & M1152A1 Common Issues & Resolutions

    With more of these out therem, might it be beneficial to have a thread dedicated to common issues and fixes for these models? I worked on several things I could share and I'm sure there are many more I am nt aware of?
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    Shifter Box Rivet Nut Installation Help

    After a moderate struggle, I finally was able to remove the 4 long bolts holding the shifter box down on my M1152. I fear the nuts will be nearly impossible to put back from below. I think I read some of you installed threaded rivet nuts for these bolts. How do you do this? Is it done from...
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    Rear Seat Support/Base Alternative

    Hello All: I'm in the process of converting my M1152 from a 2 man to 4 man configuration and need some help. I've been unable to find a replacement or alternative for the rear seat lower support bases. Can anyone suggest either a custom or commercially available solution? I've measured it...
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    Dash Defroster/Vent Options

    Hello All: I have an 06' M1152 with the large black defroster/heater vent accross the top of the dash which I removed to clean. Is there a less obtrusive aternative I could install. I see on prior models this was integrated inside the dash. Can I do this and how could I accomplish it? Thank...
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