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  1. mutt1966

    M1009 25 Gal. Fuel Tank Straps

    I am in the process f replacing the fuel tank on my M1009 and I can't seem to find the correct straps that have the hook on one end and threaded on the other end, I checked LMC and they dont have them for a 25 gal. Tank, any help as to who has them.... Thanks Scott
  2. mutt1966

    M1009 Both Disks Seized....

    I've looked for an answer, but all I've found One side seizing not both at the same time any ideas of why this would happen, everything is new as of 2016 except for the Proportioning Valve, any help is greatly appreciated.... 73, Scott
  3. mutt1966

    M1009 Tailgate Handle Broke

    I did a search first but nothing pertains to this, The other day when cranking the window down the clutch inside the handle broke I could hear it rattling around, the handle just spins up or down, the problem I have is I cant get the arms to move so I can get to the right rear bolt of the window...
  4. mutt1966

    RED BALL MILITARY VEHICLE MEET Sept. 21st &22nd Who's going? rEDBALL SWAP MEET SEPT. 21 & 22, 2018 West End Fairgrounds Gilbert, PA 18330 8 am - 5 pm
  5. mutt1966

    Red Ball Meet 03/03/2018, Mt. Bethel, PA

    Pennsylvania, March 3, 2018: Annual REDBALL Military Transport Winter Swap Meet at Mt Bethel Volunteer Fire Co, Mt Bethel, PA (NEW LOCATION). Tables full of Militaria & Military Vehicle items + refreshments & low admission fee. Show: 9am-5pm. Vendor setup: March 2, 2018, 9am-5pm. Contact: Jim...
  6. mutt1966

    GRC-193 Cable Needed

    Iam hoping that someone can help me out, Iam in search of the Inter-Connecting cable that goes from the Amplifier AM-6545A to the Coupler CU-2064 it would have a NSN # of 80063-A3210317-1, or a Part# of 755017B0791 and it is 5 ft. 0in. long, I have one but the U & V pins are broken off which...
  7. mutt1966

    M1009 Hole size for Antenna Cable

    I want to drill the holes in the fiberglass top for the radio cables to go threw to the antenna anyone know the correct size for the HOLE SAW I cant seem to find it in the manusls........Thanks for any help...Scott O&O
  8. mutt1966

    M1009 Died like someone threw a switch

    Went to the store everything fine, came out started the truck evrything fine, drove about 2 feet and it died not a cough or anything like Ive experianced before just died like someone threw a switch and it wont start it seems too be getting fuel from the checks that I did but Iam not getting...
  9. mutt1966

    STE-ICE Cables

    I picked up a Ste-Ice over the weekend, seems complete except for missing the Diagnostic Connector Cable W1 and the Transducer Cable W4. Anyone know were I can get these cables or have them for sale, I guess this is why I got it for so cheap. Thanks for any help. Scott O&O
  10. mutt1966

    M1009 Throttle Cable

    When I replaced the Injection Pump the throttle cable end bushing had slipped out of the cable end/eye and is now useless, I'd need too replace it but cant find any info or a part number for it, in the pics it is the distorted black grommet, the sleeve fits inside that and it is slipped on the...
  11. mutt1966

    M1009 6.2 Crank Pulley

    Anyone out there know if the three groove crank pulley from a civi 6.2 is the same as the military 6.2 crank pulley. Thanks for any help, Scott O&O
  12. mutt1966

    Plunger on front of 6.2 injection pump

    Iam in the process of replacing the injection pump on my M1009 everything is going smoothly, when I removed the old pump on the front of the pump were the three bolts arethat holds it to the gear theres a plunger (lack of a better name) seems to be spring loaded the rebuilt pump is missing it...
  13. mutt1966

    6.2 Water Pump New or Re-Built

    Iam going to reolace the water pump on my M1009 and will probably be using the Napa new one #44099 anyone ever use one or should I try to find a GM one ,any in-put would be helpful. Thanks Scott
  14. mutt1966

    Starter Relay Voltages

    Need some help here what are the voltages I should be seeing at the relay(doghead modification done) when the ignition switch is turned on, I have 25.7V at the RED wire on the relay but only getting around 20.3V at the PURPLE wire when I go to start, it seems a little anemic, is that right or...
  15. mutt1966

    DC Power Cord

    Iam in need of a DC power cord for OF-185 Vehicle Mount, the only info I have is this MS3116F12-3S is the connector(Newark 16F3633) on the cable, P/N 420979-801 is the official DC power cable, its a 3pin female connector anyone have one or can point me in a direction of the cable or maybe the...
  16. mutt1966

    New Fuel Filter Base

    I just picked up a new GM Fuel Filter Assembly with a new filter, its new in the Gm box and in a sealed wrapper but its missing the pressure switch and the hole is plugged with something looks like some type of resin or epoxy? is that right or does that have to be removed and a switch installed...
  17. mutt1966

    M38A1 Hot-Water Heater

    Ive been piecing together a Hot-Water Heater Kit and Iam in need of the Heater mounting plate part #8710641 its what the heater assy. sits on the plate is mounted to the fender under the hood, if anyone has one and can help me out id be much abliged pm me or send a email to
  18. mutt1966

    Tailgate Replacment

    Are there any problams that i may incounter when I replace the tailgate on my M1009 just asking because I have limited acess to a garage and Id like to to do this as fast as possible. Thanks for any help, Scott
  19. mutt1966

    M1009 Flex plate

    Has anyone had a problem with the flex plate on there CUCV's and what whould the sound be if it was coming loose picked up a wierd sound today the best way I could compare it would be like a fan hitting something its not that I checked, seems to be about were the firewall is and it comes and...
  20. mutt1966

    #2 GEN LIGHT OUT on my M1009

    While driving today noticed my volt meter was heading into the yellow checked the batteries front one charging rear one wasnt. Checked the GEN 1 light its on #2 was out replaced the bulb with a good one it was still out. The #2 altinater was replaced with a known good one still no light. Any...
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