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    MEP 802a .

    Have an mep 802a that shows correct voltage on the output terminals but does not read on the ac voltmeter. have replaced the voltmeter with one known to be good. No change. Replaced the AM-VM transfer switch with one known to be good. No reading. The frequency meter is working. Could it be the...
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    1943 L134

    am looking for a machine shop in central Texas to fix my l134 block where the head bolt has pulled out and check it for cracks.
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    MEP-803A Repair Assistance

    Have a low hour 10 k MEP-803A generator. located south of Dallas. In need of someone who can work on mine. it runs and puts out, but won’t run at a steady Rpm. thanks
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    M43 will not restart

    Old guy new to steel soldiers. have 2 m43’s that will not restart after 10 minutes of idle time. Both have new rebuilt carbs. New wiring, brand new coils with less than 15 min. On them. Electronic ignition. New vent lines and proper fittings to the intake and to the coil. Idle great. Run great...
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