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    Really dirty gas tank, hope yours is not.

    I discovered that my gas tank needed dropped, maybe in an indirect way, but I wanted to post to warn others that they should potentially address their tank as well. The story started with my fuel gauge not working. After replacing the gauge, which incidentally was scratched and full of dust, the...
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    Adding a transmission drain plug?

    I just dropped the pan from my 4 speed to change the fluid (and filter while I'm at it). I'm wondering, is it worth it to add a drain plug to the pan while its out? I've seen a video where a guy drills a hole and welds a nut and I've also seen other products that don't need welding. Next time...
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    Black paint on engine components and around the engine bay

    I'm looking to dress up the engine bay a little. Anyone have any experience painting things black, possibly including: - The transmission cooler - The radiator - The alternator - The headers/cylinder heads (without removing) - Engine mounts Still a lot of powerwashing/degreasing left to do, but...
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    Rubberized paint spray - select interior places

    I was wondering if anyone has used rattle can rubberized spray paint on the interior? Right now, I'm only considering it for spraying the bottom of the battery den to keep wear/corrosion down. I'm mostly curious how well it adheres to unprimed carc paint over a long period of time?
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    Glow plug "tip" didn't come out with the body

    Was removing the glow plugs today and got to the one closest to the driver and unscrewed relatively easy, but to my sad surprise only had the threaded body. The element or tip appears to be in the port where it sits, likely swollen. One thought I had was to crank the engine and see if the...
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    Jump starting using 12v systems

    What's the recommended procedure for jump starting the HMMVW 24v? using 12V? I have two automotive 12v jump start battery packs and was thinking of putting each 12V pack in parallel of each 12V batterybattery. Another option is a single pack on one of the two batteries and hope it has enough...
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    Restoration sequence of events

    Newer member here, been surfing the forum a while, have downloaded the TMs, and watched several hours worth of online videos. I was wondering what the core recommended restoration tasks are from other members? Which tasks are the highest priority to get a street-worthy vehicle?
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