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  1. montaillou

    Grangeville ID Border Days Parade

    Some adults too though. I remember a woman asking me if her grandmother could sit in the driver's seat and have her picture taken. The grandmother was visiting from a small village in China and looked dwarfed by the truck, but thought it would look wild to have her picture taken that way. The...
  2. montaillou

    WA M35A2 radiator

    Pulled out of my truck in working order this past winter, during an engine swap. Never had a problem with it, no idea how old it is but it worked like a champ up until the day it was pulled. New engine got a bigger radiator. It's too big/bulky to box and ship so, local pick up only. I live...
  3. montaillou

    Grangeville ID Border Days Parade

    I go to a few shows and if kids got a vote, I would probably win. As it is, I never have. :cry:
  4. montaillou

    Deuce and a half questions about transmission

    I've been driving stick all my life and every one is a little different. You could probably find a friend with stick and ask them to teach you. 30 minutes to a couple hours and the rest of your life. It is one of those skills that might get rusty with misuse but comes back fast. If an M35 is...
  5. montaillou

    M35A2 converting to super singles

    Unless you bob. Some people go with the 53's after they get rid of the back axle.
  6. montaillou

    M35A2 tires / wheel combo

    In what way? I put about 3k hwy miles when I had 395's, it was nice being able to go the minimum truck speed limit and maybe a little more. You sacrifice a little some flexibility in the way your truck moves with the bigger tires. If you're not doing much rough, off road, this probably won't...
  7. montaillou

    M35A2 tires / wheel combo

    Including tires? Well, stay away from the Eastern Surplus wheels, they're pricey. You might check out I've never bought from this place, but they look to have a good selection including rims. Keep in mind, there are 2 different types of 10 hole wheels out there, and the...
  8. montaillou

    M35A2 tires / wheel combo

    There are at least 3 wheels out there that don't even require adapter plates. 2 are hard to find and all tend to be pricey. Do you have a budget? If money is no object, you could even get wheels custom drilled. Military trucks are pretty over engineered and unless you plan on taking it up to...
  9. montaillou

    BT band wagon

    That's why I'll be putting in a Red Dot A/C system for the camper. I'll have solar panels on the roof and in the years I've been looking, more wind systems have come on the market.
  10. montaillou

    cost of ownership (the real cost of a deuce)

    I go to car shows and still tell people you can get into a driveable, stock one for $5k or less, it's all the extras that drive the cost up. I also tell people that there's no such thing as a Deuce with nothing wrong with it. This partly reflects the age of these vehicles but also reflects how...
  11. montaillou

    395/85R20 tires for Deuce

    I originally bought my set of 10 as surplus from the gov't. Later when I switched back to duallies, I sold them locally. I do see some from time to time on my local Craigslist. If you're not in a hurry you can build up a set over time, or keep an eye out here, in the classifieds or on CL for...
  12. montaillou

    BT band wagon

    That's always been the plan. I also plan on having A/C in the camper though that will run off a 14,400 watt, 24v battery. Seems like anywhere outside of the Pacific NW, now, is hell on earth.
  13. montaillou

    A couple of questions for those who have done an engine swap

    I'm just finishing my swap and I won't be changing to increase the speed. Having more power to go uphill or off road in low gear, reliability of an engine known worldwide, and engine longevity were reasons enough for me to swap. I'm hoping to have better fuel mileage but I'll have to run some...
  14. montaillou

    BT band wagon

    So...mostly done. Had some setbacks, because my swap included some other work and the mechanic has some health problems we just weren't moving fast enough for the shop owner who, decided to kick us out. Unfortunately, we really couldn't move the truck until the radiator was hooked up and my...
  15. montaillou

    BT band wagon

    Fenders are back on. Dry fitting the radiator, intercooler, & condenser. Moved the dipstick a little further forward. What seemed like a lot of extra room with this engine is quickly filling up and getting a little difficult to work with. The fan is a little low, moves plenty of air, gonna...
  16. montaillou

    BT band wagon

    Moving along, slowly. Some parts take a while to find when you don't have the part #... In one of the pics, you'll see someone ground off one of the part numbers, I have no idea why. This gear needed replacing because the teeth were chipped in the back - the mechanic surmised it may have been...
  17. montaillou


    If I had more money, I would be serious. As it is, I mostly daydream with my eyes open for a deal.
  18. montaillou


    Very small, like my budget. I can't afford a Chieftan, a Leopard or anything "main battle" tank'ish. I could afford something like a Priest, but those are so old. This is at least a modern tank and still in use with a handful of countries. If I could've gotten it cheap enough (because...
  19. montaillou

    MRAP wheel adapters for M35A2

    There are some CAD drawings on here that have what you need, you can also look up the government NSN # for more detail. There was a post here not too long ago looking for these very things and got replies including one by me. I had custom wheels drilled so the drawings and data are good. Hate...
  20. montaillou

    Increasing the air intake in a deuce

    Did you also walk up hill, to school, both ways?
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